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I would appreciate your advice on upgrading from Wharfedale Jade 3 standmounters.  Current system is Cambridge CXA-81, miniDSP SHD streamer with Dirac Live, SVS sub, lower-end AudioQuest cables, Furman power conditioner and assorted acoustic panels & tube traps.  Room is 12x15x8 with two open doorways, rugs, heavy curtains.  I like the "British" sound - musical, not so bright.  I listen to a lot of vocals of different types, for example Melody Gardot and Sinatra, but also Argentine tango (GoTan Project, Tangetto).  Seldom crank it up too much.

Budget is, say, under $2,000 and used is fine.  I've been thinking of a Harbeth P3ESR, but I haven't heard them.  I may have someone interested in my Jade 3's so I may need to move faster than I might otherwise do.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Avanti1960 - that was quite the glowing review of the Falcon LS3/5a.  There is a silver badge pair on USAudiomart for $1400.  Boy, it tempting.

By the way, is the Avanti reference to the car?  I used to own a '76.  Beautiful!

The Falcon Acoustics LS3-5a has sensitivity of 83 dB and impedance of 15 ohms.  Can I drive them with a CXA81?

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