Speaker upgrade

I would like to hear thoughts on upgrading my speakers. I am very happy with my current system, but am thinking of upgrading the speakers. Not made up my mind yet, but very close. I have changed my gears recently and deciding whether to keep my current speakers or try different.
I currently have Aerial acoustics 7T, with 2 REL S5/SHOs. Aerial acoustics 7T are one hell of a speaker, and I never thought I will change them: they are very neutral and transparent, which plays exactly what you feed them. I still think they are excellent and In fact, on many forums, I have constantly bragged about them and still do, for good reasons. But I guess, time has come to change. Looking for speakers with better resolution, big soundstage, organic and sweet mids. If I can get more of everything my 7T does, it will be a jackpot. Budget is < 35K (used OK).
I have thought of Magico S5 MK2, Vimberg Tonda, Marten Mingus, Rockport Avior II. Others include Von Shweikert VR55 and Vivid Audio Giya G1. Hard to audition all, but have heard S5 Mk2 and Rockport Avior II which are close top.
My other systems include, AF strumento no. 4 mk2 amps, VAC renaissance mk V pre-amp fed by Luxman D-10x (DAC/SACD player) and Antipodes CX/S30 (server/streamer). I use roon mostly and listen vocals, Jazz, classical, Indie Rock, contemporary instrumental and the likes. Room size is 17 x 14 and height is 10 feet. I have already done all room acoustics. Cables are Silversmith Fideliums (never going to change that) and Shunyata anaconda/python, TQ black diamond and AQ Hurricane.
The Joseph Audio Pearl 20/20 would be another fantastic unit to consider.
Yes, Joseph Audio Pearl is in my list. Have anybody heard monitor audio PL500II. Have heard in shows and people who buy it have kept it as end game speakers. The are tall and look good and sound very musical. Somewhat under rated but am considering it too.
Why not the big Magnepans?
Magnepans are wonderful speakers. I like big speakers. But, they are just too big for me. There is “big” and there is “magnepan big”. 
I use AER BD3 drivers in Oris 150 front horns from 200 Hz to 8kHz in my fully horn loaded, DEQX DSP controlled, tri amplified DIY speakers.  To my old, but experienced ears the SQ is excellent.  That experience makes me think the Charney might merit a serious listen.