Speaker upgrade

I would like to hear thoughts on upgrading my speakers. I am very happy with my current system, but am thinking of upgrading the speakers. Not made up my mind yet, but very close. I have changed my gears recently and deciding whether to keep my current speakers or try different.
I currently have Aerial acoustics 7T, with 2 REL S5/SHOs. Aerial acoustics 7T are one hell of a speaker, and I never thought I will change them: they are very neutral and transparent, which plays exactly what you feed them. I still think they are excellent and In fact, on many forums, I have constantly bragged about them and still do, for good reasons. But I guess, time has come to change. Looking for speakers with better resolution, big soundstage, organic and sweet mids. If I can get more of everything my 7T does, it will be a jackpot. Budget is < 35K (used OK).
I have thought of Magico S5 MK2, Vimberg Tonda, Marten Mingus, Rockport Avior II. Others include Von Shweikert VR55 and Vivid Audio Giya G1. Hard to audition all, but have heard S5 Mk2 and Rockport Avior II which are close top.
My other systems include, AF strumento no. 4 mk2 amps, VAC renaissance mk V pre-amp fed by Luxman D-10x (DAC/SACD player) and Antipodes CX/S30 (server/streamer). I use roon mostly and listen vocals, Jazz, classical, Indie Rock, contemporary instrumental and the likes. Room size is 17 x 14 and height is 10 feet. I have already done all room acoustics. Cables are Silversmith Fideliums (never going to change that) and Shunyata anaconda/python, TQ black diamond and AQ Hurricane.
I’ve noticed that the resale on most speakers on sites like a’gon are ~50 percent of MSRP give or take +/- 5 percent. Not sure what they actually sell for but that opens up a price point for you of at least $70k if you wanted to consider buying used. 
Now of course that price point doesn’t always necessarily translate into improved performance. Case in point, I went through the same exercise on here this past Spring at a lower price point (I think I said $25k) and listened to many of the speakers when things opened up in NY/NJ but wound up with the mighty Harbeth 40.2 Ann cause that was the speaker that wowed me into a blissful state. 
Good luck. Enjoy the ride.
The Charney Audio Concerto with AER BD-3 drivers will get you in under your budget and give you everything your looking for as well as deep engagement in the music. Or the Companion with AER BD-3 drivers will work well in your room and save you some $$. You can sell the Rel's and get rid of some of your room treatments.

Charney horns are designed on the tractrix theory and are not like conventional box or panel speakers. My room was well proportioned with treatments for the monitor/sub set up I had. With the Charney's I removed almost all of them except for the back/front walls, and some Michael Green corner treatments. The sound is wide, deep and engaging.

If your in the NJ,NY, area contact Charney for an audition. Its worth your time.

Romey, Much of the Von Schweikert discussion now happens on Whats Best Forum. In the past there was a very active group on Audio Circle. Personally I find VSA speakers to have a more life-like presentation (natural, fuller bodied, not tipped to the highs, and better articulation and slam in the bass) than when I have heard with Magico, Wilson etc in other systems. With VSA I have always had tubes in system in the preamp. They are exceptional in maintaining an excellent stereo image even when placed non-ideally such as fairly close to front wall, with wide sweet spot and no timbral shift regardless of where you are in room as listener, even listening against a side wall. Every time that I have upgraded anything else in the system, with VR55s easily convey the enhancement in performance. I tuned my system using a grand piano in same room as system and the VR55s more accurately convey the correct combination of string, wood box, hammer magic that is piano. The speakers rock out expectionally well, yet play sweet and properly sized on intimate acoustic music. Hope this helps