Speaker upgrade

Need help with upgrading my speaker for my audio/home theater room.i am considering the Monitor pl300, Sonus Faber Olympica 111 ,and maybe b&w diamond 803 ..... I am currently using all mcintosh equipment c50, and 501 for amps .... My current speakers are the TYler acoustic linbrook one piece . My room size is roughly 12 x 20 .....with acoustic treatments ....My music taste is from grateful dead to pearl jam .....any input would be greatly appreciated....thank you
No problem.. I suggest give all three a serious audition and pick the one that sounds best to you. Your Macs will drive any of three with no problem but you already know that.

That's too much money to spend on speakers to rely on opinions from strangers on the internet. Trust your own ears and you'll make the right choice.
I'm going to piggyback Paraneer's recommendation - you have to hear these in person because they're very different.

I just did a dealer demo of the Olympica III and B&W 802D3 (not the 803, but close enough) last weekend, both in the same room and both with McIntosh gear, and they have different sound signatures. They're both really nice, of course, but different. I wouldn't consider them interchangeable, even though I could happily live with either. I will say that just from what I heard, in that particular room, if I was mainly a rock listener I wouldn't choose the Olympica. It was glorious with acoustic music, but for rock music I'd choose something else.
If your in the greater NY area check out Charney Audio in Somerset NJ. He builds horns based on the tractrix theory. They are full range and deliver clean and dynamic music. I was gobsmacked by the tuneful deep bass that Brian got from a 6.5" driver in the Maestro. The imaging and soundstage is spot on and live music is incredible sounding.

What is the ceiling height of your room?


I forgot to mention that the build is furniture quality. Perfect in every way.
Must be nice to live in an area that a couple of you do where there are dealers aplenty to be able to hear whatever you are interested in. Hell I'd like to have one dealer in Memphis
I don't know what your budget is but see a fine list of speakers at varying price points up to $20K+. If you want great speakers with all-around performance including home theater and 2-channel listening for rock, prog-rock, etc...as well as classical, jazz, fusion, etc...with bass, mids and high frequencies that really 'get it done...', please find a way to hear Legacy Audio AERIS Focus SE and their new Home Theater Tower (essentially Focus SE in a cabinet designed to be right up against a wall if need be)...well worth the time to find a way to audition them. (I'm not a dealer; simply a long-term Legacy owner that's heard a LOT of other big-name speakers and have remained where I am w.r.t. Legacy value::spend versus other offerings).
Thank you for all your post my ceiling height is 8 ft....