Speaker upgrade


I am going to do a Speaker upgrade in the future.
My Electronics is Musical Fidelity KW-500
And Musical Fidelity A5 CDP and a Musical Hall MMF7
Speaker are Von Schweikert Vr-4jr.
Room Size is 20,3 x 13,1 x 7,87 (6,20M x 4M x 2,40M)
The room is Bass-trapp treated and also the roof is Treated.

I don´t know is the room is to small for my wish-list

The Speaker I am thinking about is...

B&W Natilus 802D

Von Scheikert Vr-4 Sr

UScher CP-8571 II BE (I got a good deal on this one)

I am listening to alot of different music, but mostly Heavy-metal, so the bass need to be Thight but with impact and noot boomy.

Soundstage need to be real deep.

Any suggestion.

Best Regards

Fredrik /Sweden
I am listening to alot of different music, but mostly Heavy-metal, so the bass need to be Thight but with impact and noot boomy.

Have you considered professional active speakers? ATC Active 50's would fit your requirement/room, as would many of the other active pro models available from other companies; low distortion, high SPL's, and plenty of dynamics are what characterize pro studio main monitors compared to consumer speakers (these designs will play at live music levels without sounding dull or harsh). Bass will actually sound different from track to track rather than boring and overwhelming all the time (as seems popular these days and sells best in five minute auditions)

AC/DC, Chapel Studios (Motorhead, Saxon etc.) use ATC, as does Swedish Radio but there are plenty of active pro speakers to choose from (PMC, Dynaudio etc.) and most are a step up from the consumer designs, although they won't look impressive, as professionals are not intersted in a speaker as a piece of furniture or for making a visual statement.

The Usher's are an easy recommendation. I had a customer trade in a pair of the B&W 802D for the Usher and he is extermely pleased.

The Usher's throw a huge soundstage and are very transparent without being bright. They will suit whatever type of music you throuw at them and they will play quite loudly. The question of how loud is up to you. Studio monitors like ATC are accurate but will probably sound quite boring and uninvolving to you. A speaker like the Usher with a good subwoofer will really do the trick for you. Not that they need the bass reinforcement, but a good subwoofer will propel them into sounding really amazing!
Audiooracle ; As an experienced salesman , can you compare the Be tweeter of the Usher with that of JM lab Be tweeter ?
Also , does Usher do this Be in a standmount or something that would work in a small room (10'X10') , nearfield and at low levels ? I find the Usher website to be quite difficult .
My apologies to you Mr_Dingo .

Thank you .

Thanks for all the answers.

For me it´s quite difficult right know, due to some room problems. More Room treatment is on the way right know, after I have installed that (A completly new wall Helmholtz Bass-trap at 80hz) I can decide if my Vr-4jr produce enough bass, or If my next speaker can have Bigger driver. Perhaps I need to go down in speaker size.

I think that maby Usher is a better choice, but time will tell.

I have only listend to CP-8571 II BE at dealer place, and set-up wasen´t the best. Honestly I don´t know how much improvment it will be over the Jr´s.