Speaker type/placement advice...

I have a rectangular media room 13X15 no windows, and pre-wired for 7.1. The drops are on the side walls in the middle of the room, on the rear wall near the corners. My seating position will be near the back wall, which means the side surrounds are in front instead of behind me. My plan initially was to use monopoles on the rear and dipoles on the sides, although I've been reading that may be a bad positioning for dipoles for where I am sitting. I'd love some advice on side speaker recommendations, I'm ok with monopoles there as well, this room will primarily be movies and sports vs. music.

I'm using B&W 600 series front and centers and was going to use the 686's as rears. Contemplating either DS3, DS6 S3, or just using another set of 686's for side.

Thanks for the advice, so glad I stumbled upon this site.
Best you first read Floyd Toole's book on 'Sound Reproduction'. Floyd is the master on your subject. Without reading his book you will never know what good listening is all about.