speaker to use with Von Schweikert lcr 15?

In my HT system I need a good monitor or floor standing speaker to use with a von schweikert lcr-15. Had a set of Usher 520s and sw520s base but the sound was a bit off on the voices. Looking for either vr-1 or vr-2 to go with the lcr-15. Any ideas? Thanks
You answered your own question, VR-2s are a great small footprint floorstander, with an ambience rear firing tweeter/midrange. Post your requirements in the wanteds section of the many audio websites around the net. I don't think VSA still makes them but they do have an entry level floorstander you may want to consider. The last time I saw VR-2s for sale was on Ebay for $1500.
Sent you a message in response to your ad with some Von Schweikert options. The VR-2100 is one I'd also suggest, which will go lower than the VR-1 or VR-2. If you didn't get my message through the Audiogon system, add gmail to my user name and shoot me an e-mail. I've sadly had multiple occasions where my messages via the Audiogon system were not received.