speaker to stand coupling


should speakers be coupled to the stand via spikes....
or the blue-tack/bumper route? why?
Currently, I use three "Audio Point" spikes (+/- 1/4" tall) between each monitor and its' stand. I find the music more clear, and a bit of added bass, compared to the stick-on half-round black rubber bumpers and other absorbtive devices I have tried.
I found that anything between the speaker and the stand affects the sound. My final solution was to manually bend, file and sand the top of the stand as perfectly flat as possible. This, of course, ruins the finish of the stand, but you cannot see this part anyway.
I was wondering the same thing...

Another question, If my speakers are not equipped with removable feet so i can place spikes in the sockets, would it hurt the speaker if i drilled some spikes into it?

slippity slap!!!!
thats interesting, i ended up making my own top plate from 3/8" steel plate to match the footprint of my speaker, since i couldn't find a stand thats top plate was large enough.
i hate to invert spikes into the bottom side of the cabinet. i thought about a small lip to "cradle" the speaker to keep from a mishap.
Speakers should NOT be coupled to stands. Another audiophile myth! Try it for yourself, and see.

I second Danvetc's position. It continues to be counterintuitive to me, but my Silverline SR 17's sit on aurios on top of my Osiris stands. This decoupling has added spatial cues that must be heard to be believed.