Speaker to RCA

Bought a power amp to drive my front speakers of home cinema

currently my cinema amp only have pre- out for subwoofer.

Im looking to use an in-between temporarily to make use of the power 

Amp until i upgrade the home theater amp to one that have pre-out built in


Can you simply use a speaker rca cable or do you need some

kind of speaker to rca converter. 





I had a similar issue.

I wanted to have a home theatre system and a two channel system.

To achieve this I needed to replace both my AV receiver (Cambridge Audio CXR 200) and my integrated amp (Simaudio Moon Neo) because I needed an AV receiver that had separate pre outs for the front left and right speakers (Anthem MRX520) and an integrated amplifier that had a home theatre bypass (Musical Fidelity M6si).

Here's a list of options for amplifiers witha HT bypass.