Speaker to match with Rogue 88 amp.

I am about to get a Rogue 88 amp and would like speaker ideas. I have a Rega Planet cd player and Presence Audio preamp,an Aragon 8008BB power amp,Cardas speaker cables, Acoustic Zen interconnects and a California Audio Labs DAC.
I heard, Maggies, PSBs, and Ushers sounding great with the Rogue amp at my local dealer, whose systems demoed always sound very good to great, by the way.
I used to have a Rogue88 and it was excellent powering my tube friendly Triangle speakers. I also had Rogue upgrade to the Stereo 90, was well worth it!
Rogue/Triangle: another very good option.
Rogue and Vandersteens make beautiful music together.
I have a Rogue TempestII Magnum and I just got some Tyler Acoustics 7U's. I can't believe how good these speakers sound.