Speaker to match Mark Levinson and Jeff Rowland

Looking for speakers to match ML (33H, 436 or 432) or Rowland (302, 8Ti or 9Ti). I listen mostly vocal (around 80% - both pop and classic). Look for real musical performance at home but with details and analytical. My listening area is around 15'W x 18'L x 9'H. Also welcome comparsion between ML and Jeff Rowland.
My preference so far are as follows:
Avalon Eidolon
B&W N800
Sonus Faber Amati
Thanks for your ideas and suggestion
I have used Piega with Rowland - great combo!!
ProAc's with Rowland fantastic.
Of the ones you list, I have heard the Eidolons, quite a bit, and the Amati, to a lessor degree. Can't go wrong with either in my opinion, although they are a bit pricey. I also know that the Eidolon sucks power, so make sure you get plenty. (But it is also my favorite speaker).

If you are looking to save some money, you could try the Revel line. I like the Revel Studio with my levinson amp. You would probably like the Salon though, as it has a bit more bass than the Studio.
I have Dynaudio C2s with Levinson gear, and it sounds great.
I blissfully listen to my Revel Salons & Levinson 33H's. This duo cannot be beat.
I have searched for over 2 years to up-grade my B&W 804N's. I went to several audio clubs and numerous dealers from Chicago to Detriot/Ann Arbor to New York and I have listened to Rowland and I own Levinson. The Levinson-Revel combo seems like a natural but Levinson and B&W Nautilus makes wonderful music. No hi-fi sound just music. The best match I heard with Rowland was Wisdom Audio speakers. I went with B&W 803N's until I build a larger room then I will move on to the Nautilus Signiture 800's. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
Try the Andra eggleston, if you listen to mostly
vocal, this are hard to beat combo.Performers are
in the room.I want to buy ML for my Andra but
still saving.
I have Revel Studio's with Rowland Model 10.
I'll second the Piegas - C10 LTD or C40 LTD both sound really excellent with Rowlands. I don't own either brand - I've just heard them and been very impressed.
Well, it makes sense that the Ultima line of speakers would mate the best considering that this line is used in the manufacturing process of levinson amps.
I think you are going about this backwards. Find the speaker, then find the amp to drive it.

In my case, i use active Avantgardes, so i ended up not needing an amp :)
JM Lab Mezzo Utopias. They sound amazing
The Wisdom Audio Speakers were "voiced" using the Rowland amplifier.