speaker that project mids farther out into room

I want speakers that project the mids farther out into my listening room.
I have read that Gershman speakers tend to do that very well.
FWIW, I've heard that horns do this quite well. The only horns I have ever owned (Altec 19's) certainly did, they put the soundstage out in front of the speakers. Very interesting effect. They have been out of production for many years however and I have not listened to any of the current horn based units.
Newbee's on it. I still miss my old JBL L200's on old long hair rock.

Listen to horns. Klispch probably makes something you are looking for.

Have Fun
In part this is a frequency response issue. Speakers with more top end will sound to your mind like the music is closer to you. Those that are more rolled off will sound more distant as the brain interprets the loss of highs as coming from greater distance.

I certain would not discourage your listening to horn as I like their immediacy, but they have better leading edge or transient response. Again this is largely high frequency response.
Agree with Newbee...I would switch my amps to tubes though unless you already have them. Those new mid-range notes mite reach out and BITE!

well i have arcam a90 amp and aq gibraltar speakercables so one of them or both maybe. had a sound like (the voice and music between the speakers are to far away sometimes) and i want it to come more foreward me.
I know that you asked for speakers, but I have experienced
what you are looking for with a CDP change. I was using a NAD 541i while playing Robert Plant's 66 to Timbukto and had him singing right in front of me. My speakers are 11 ft. away. When I changed CDP's he was then behind the speakers.
Every thing else was the same, just the CDP change.
Just my 2 cents.
A few years ago I was listening to a used pair of Apogee Slant 6`s andthefemale singer was out there almost on my lap. I was about 5 feet from the speakers andI couldn`t move back any further. It was kinda diconcerting. Dan
My Alon Lotus' have alnico magnet dipole midrange drivers that do a great job of projecting midrange sounds.