Speaker that has a resonant cabinet like guitar

I saw it advertised about a year ago. It is a monitor made by Sony or some big company like that. The cabinet is designed to resonate like guitar. Supposedly is sounds very good.
Bosendorfer makes one, too.
why would you want your speaker cabinet to resonate. i thought the idea was to get away from that
this isn't a new trick..or a very good one. audio note does it as well as anyone. the onkyo speaker is interesting, but average.
There is no rhyme or reason to designing a loudspeaker.
Out of curiosity Jaybo, what did you not like about its sound?
Shindo Latour does this and it's amazing.

MicroPure Kotaros - I own a pair and can't recommended them highly enough. 4" FRD with a Murata supertweeter handling 15KHz and above. Two kaveats - they're a bit pricey (ca. USD 3K) and if you'd like any kind of bass below 70Hz you'll need a sub.

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

others you might want to look at are;

Ocellia using the PHY-HP drivers
Auditorium 23 with the PHY-HP drivers
Musical Affairs with PHY-HP drivers

the resonance of the wood body of a guitar is probably somehere between 80 and 150 hz. if one is seeking a peak in that region, why not use a different approach, such as cables, tubes or an equalizer ?
not balanced. bright.
Tonian Acoustics
All of his offerings adapt this methodology

I have his Monitors which I absolutely love
The motivation for these types of speakers is the simple fact that it is impossible to build a speaker cabinet that DOESN'T resonate. The idea is, if you cannot damp all resonances (and you can't) you might as well make it work for you. Note that I am not championing the design, but that's the rationale (and it's true you just can't make a dead cabinet).

Consider that one can hear a train from tens of miles away by putting ones' ear to the track. Does the hundreds of tons of steel in the track "damp" that acoustic energy? No. One can hear horses approaches from miles away by putting an ear to the ground - the mass of the earth slips my mind at the moment but you get the idea.

The reason open baffles can sound so good (for so cheap) is that they sidestep the cabinet resonance/backwave dampening problems altogether. The 'resonant cabinet' school of thought is a variant, perhaps between the OB & closed-cabinet schools.
I own the Onkyo Takamine speakers. They are marvelous for their size. Using just a 4" woofer they will not provide very much bass; however, the midrange and treble are excellent. You'd be surprised how they can fill a medium-sized room with music. I'd like to compare them to the Micro Pure's.
Shun Mook (yup, the same guy with the resonators) made a speaker of thin plys. It was surprisingly good with piano.