Speaker System Recomendations please...

I am looking to purchase a 5.1 system for $1,500.0 or less. The room has 22 ft ceilings, and measures 24 x 14, the accoustics of the room may be a bit on the harsh side condsidering there is not alot of wall fixtures etc etc. I am looking for a system that offers book shelves for the front and rear b/c it will be in a family room. I know there are many "satelite" type systems out there. Please reccomend a system that offers high sound quality and build. Your opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks!
Will the PSB Image 4 0r 5Ts work,with s smaller model for surrounds and a "zero" sub???
I heard a great and good looking new 5.1 system (Style 20) at CES2004 that I know I will get because the sound is quite impressive and dynamic with music and HT. The speaker lines are from Sequence of UK.
They have three lines: Strata, Sonata and Style. Looks like Angstrom USA is going to carry the Style systems and Sumiko Audio will carry the other two. The retail price for the 5.1 Style 20 is US$1,450.00. For the stands, add $150/pair.
First availability in the US will be around June if you can wait this long. For me, it's worth the wait. The sound is comparable to the new Reference 3A Dulcet.
Ascend Acoustics. While the website doesn't yet show it the 340 is availible in L/R version in addition to its CC version. Ascend Acoustics and Ascendforum