Speaker support for Full range

Looking for alternatives over Stratus Gold stock. Floor is mosaic type tile. Currently using rubber capped bolt type. They feel not much rigid when moved. Think harder cones like basic brass or aluminum might be better will try before going to anything more sophisticated. Stock spikes with a metal type protector for mosaic are under consideration as well. Your experiences and thought on this are welcome Thanks
You might go another way altogether, try the Vibrapods under your cabinets. Instead of being rigid, the are compliant and dissapate the vibrational energy rather than just allowing select frequencies to pass through as all rigid feet do. You should hear more detail and less distorion with the Vibrapods, and they only cost $6 each. The Vibrapod #4's hold up to 64lbs per set of four. I believe the Stratus Gold's weigh about 90lbs each. Is this correct? If so you would need 6 pods per speaker for a total of 12. This would cost you $72 There is also a #5 which hold up to 28lbs each. Then you would need only 4 per cabinet or a total of $48. You may find that the #4's will do a better jod, since the cabinets will be more evenly supported-more of a lower compliance pod usually sounds better than fewer higher compliance pods. Also due to their vinyl composition, you wont have to worry about scratching your floors.
Thanks for your input, 90 lbs each is correct. Could you share what you use under source components? Vibrapods too? Thanks
Under my turntable I have homemade isolation base[Think of the Brightstar Big Rocks with Buckwheat hulls inside instead of sand- this is akin to an air-tube without the fuss]. The turntable itself has Black Diamond Racing #3 cones bolted to the base. Under that is a MDF shelf. Under the shelf are the Vibrapods sitting on top of the homemade isolation base which sits on another MDF shelf which is supported by upturned BDR cones bolted to the top of my Standesign Penta 5 rack. The CD player is supported by BDR cones which sits on a MDF shelf with Vibrapods beneath sitting on the bottom shelf. The integrated amp is supported by BDR cones and sits on a solid mahogany shelf 1" thick. The tape deck is on Vibrapods resting on a MDF shelf. The power conditioner is on two mahogany blocks and sits on a mahogany shelf. The power cords plugged in to the power conditioner have a sand bag underneath as well as on top. The mahogany is used for it's resonant properties. It's resonant area of enhancement is in the upper and lower midrange which adds "warmth" to the sound. It also has a lack of support for frequencies from the mid treble on up, so it can remove some of the bright edge from a system. The speakers have 10lb sand bags in the bottom and sit on Vibrapods on top of paving stones on top of sandfilled metal stands. The tubular side supports of the equiptment rack are sand filled as well. I hope this is some use to you. To find out about system tuning, go to Mike Vans Evers site at- http://www.vansevers.com/