speaker suggestions with mcintosh gear

Last week I auditioned dynaudio speakers being powered by all Naim gear. I was really tooken by the sound and how exact and un mashed together. Is this possible to achieve with my Mc207 and Mc C45? I was wondering if any one had suggestions on speaker manufacturer to put an ear to. I am now playing B&W802 Nautilus. But I feel I dont have enough power. I listen to alot of 80s 90s rock. I also want to eventually return to a theater setup to play my sacds. I run everything through a Marantz 9500. I like to get LOUD DETAILED clear and very defined. but I really like to keep my Mc gear unless it is going to be a hard goal to accomplish. I would like to spend less than 15000.00 when all said and done. Meaning sub center fronts and rears. Thanks in advance.
before ditching your speakers, try a larger mac....pwer to speare and a nice match with the 802's.
im not sure your mc207 c45 combo will acomplish what the naim gear did,im a mcintosh buyer for life but i have never been overly impressed with the home theater amps from mac & i have found them to be severly lacking & very slow amp's when compared to mcintosh 2 channel amps with comporable wattage.

for the resale price of the mc207 you could buy 3 mc7270's & have 6 channel's of smoking hot amplifiers & have a system that would be damm hard to beat at any price plus they are loud & detailed.

btw my idea of loud is really loud like get the cop's called obscenely loud kinda loud,the kinda loud that after listening for a half an hour you want to lay down for a spell,i just thought i'd qualify what my idea of what loud is.
Scratch that the preamp must not have been broken in. WOW WOW WOW
If you like the 802 sound, but more of it, listen to the Paradigm S8's. They go lower, throw a bigger sound, have even more detail and won't even think about breaking a sweat at high spls. They are not laid back though. They work well with the C45 and 402 amp although I use classe cam-350 which are slightly more emmediate and soften the highs a tad if you like that.