Speaker suggestions under 4k

Well here it is. I sold my Tekton Double Impacts and my Lyngdorf 2170 a while back. I thought it sounded very good! I was getting out of audio and wasn't listening much anymore. Well..... now winter is here, I'm bored and have the itch to get something descent again. 
I like rock/metal/bluegrass/ acoustic/ some country. I need impact and good midbass and low fatigue. I have a Crown DCI 4/300 and a upgraded Jolida Fusion preamp at the moment. Plenty of power for almost anything. 

My biggest pet peeve is cabinets that start talking at high levels or when the sound hardens at high levels. 

Willing to drive up to 300miles 1 way for the right deal and I am in West Mi. A little older does not bother me at all. I've just started looking and a few I've been eying are:
Aerial LR5 or Model 9
Dali MS4
LSA 20 statements (new)
KEF 205/2
Dynaudio Focus 360

Any others anyone feels I should keep an eye out for in this price range? 

Since you liked the Tekton why not just get another pair?
If you don't like cabinet noise, why not get rid of the cabinets? Plenty of options in your price range.
Subject to caveat emptor and all of that, if I were in the market actively at this point, I already would have jumped on the Pioneer S-1EX’s on offer through eBay (and perhaps elsewhere).  TAD drivers and beryllium tweeter, high-line Andrew Jones design. I have the smaller and presumably lesser S-4EXs (no beryllium, monitors) mounted atop a pair of JBL PS1400s and will never sell them.   Shipping is the only thing I would have any concerns about.

 I have seen a range of B&W 803s at or below your price point that also would draw my attention, along with a smattering of Harbeths and Spendors.   It is a rather seemingly obscure model, but for a good price — $720.00 — offset by a potentially longish drive, I might check out the Spendor S9s available in Minnesota or Wisconsin (as I recall) Then, I would grab the Spendor center channel offered on eBay or one of the audio sites listed at a starting bid of $499.00.   
If your ceiling (amplitude?) goes up a bit, the Joseph Pulsars listed somewhere for $6,000.00 (perhaps put in a sensible offer) look beautiful.  The Pioneers would be my first pursuit, all things considered, but there are a lot of amazing speakers out there right now in your pricing realm.  
I’d dump the Crown amp and get a good home audio amp after I selected my loudspeakers. Your amp is a weak spot and better loudspeakers will just make it worse. 
Are you willing to start from scratch?-Sell your amp and pre?
Do you have flexibility in your budget?
A quick HifiShark seem to show that selling the remaining pieces of equipment should yield you another $2K.
So, that would make it $6K available.
Now, do you want to buy used or new?

I would rather keep the amp and pre. The DCI amps are better than the XLS Crowns. Very clean and powerful. I've had other class d amps in the past and the Crown is better than the highly touted Lyngdorf IMO... that is until you turn on room correction. Even then it has major authority advantage. JBL actually reccomends the DCI series for their high priced Synthesis line. 

Some good suggestions. I'm looking into them. 
New Tektons are in the mix as well. I think I know enough about them so I didn't ask about those. Probably Moabs would be the choice if I go that route, although I worry about the loss of midbass impact since they don't have those drivers. 
I have no problem with used so it would need to be a really great deal new for me to consider. 
Have you considered open baffle? I went from cabinets to Spatials and couldn't be happier. I don't know if I'd ever go back.
I have looked at open baffle a little. Not having punchy bass concerns me. I could be off base with that. 
Probably Moabs would be the choice if I go that route, although I worry about the loss of midbass impact since they don’t have those drivers.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367

Dream on buddy the mid bass is fantastic. Even teajay who owns Ulfberhts and reviewed Moabs told me they are so close you practically have to use organ music and be listening for it to tell. So get Moabs and hope nobody ever drops by with Ulfs and Tocatta and Fugue to compare.
I just heard a pair. Not the worst speakers I've ever heard but darn close not to mention the construction quality. You can make anything look good if you throw enough lacquer on it. Watch what happens after a few heating seasons. 
wonderful sounding speakers, talk to the distributor.
Rosso Fiorentino Elba | AudioThesis
JBL L100 Classic speakers.  4K new can be found for $2800-3000 used.  Fantastic speakers.  I just disconnected my GE Triton Ones for these and I am loving them.  Best Rock speaker ever which is why I bought them.  Keeping the Triton Ones. 
Hmm. Yeah those JBL look pretty good. You like the Tritons better overall? I've owned those as well in the past.
Have you looked into Omega Speakers? Excellent quality and made BY HAND in the USA. 
I love my Salks, built in Michigan. Here are a few good options, used:


Here's the website:


Many options. Send Jim an email.
You want impact for the music you play legacy signatures 7k new

Sound better then a lot of 10k speakers aazing drivers they play loud stunning cabinets also high  power handling

We are a legacy dealer
Dave and troy
Audio intellect Nj

If you have the space I don't think you can beat the sound of Magnepan 3.7i there's a used pair in the $3600 range you can add a sub later if needed.
Happy listening.
I definitely don't have space for the Maggie's I dont think. Room is approx 13x16. 

I've heard them once, not sure the model and I don't think they have what I'm looking for in my type of music. They did spund really nice though. 
I do have a subs as well. Paradigm servo 15 and a JL F113. JL is out of commission for the moment. Need to pull the amp and send to JL for repair. Loud buzz. 
I will back up on the Tekton subject. Loud volumes I thought they hardened up some. Lost coherence. Pretty damn loud mind you. I thought this was my room and very well could have been. I've other speakers in there since and I don't really get that sensation. 

Something like the Pioneer S1 reccomended earlier would have a much more heroic cabinet so may keep in check at higher levels better. If those were closer I would probably give them a go. 
the music you mentioned, the budget, the amp and preamp you are using all leads to the Rubicon 8. https://holmaudio.com/dali/
I just listened to these yesterday at Holm Audio. Really Really good for everything including rock without any listening fatigue. Try the trim sound track. I swear they had the sub hooked up at one point. So much so I checked to see if it was. The JL sub did not have any cables plugged in. If you are near the Chicagoland area go listen, Hell, take them home to try them out. You will be keeping them. https://holmaudio.com/dali/
$3499 and the soundtrack was Tron from the movie. Happy Holidays everyone!https://holmaudio.com/dali/

I have only had the JBL speakers hooked up for less than a day so I can’t comment yet.  I have had the Triton Ones since January 2015 so I am very familiar with the sound.  Only time will tell which pair I like better.  
You might be surprised I have 3.7i in a 12 x 15 room and they sound amazing I previously had the 1.7 which were also great. As long as you can get them about 36" out from the wall you're all set.
I second the Dali choice. I got my Sonus Fabre Sonetto VIIIs for $4k, they sound INCREDIBLE, but that’s a hard deal to beat. 

I've thought about checking out Salk for years. I should plan a trip over there and try and work it into a work trip soon. 
I'm surprised no one has mentioned some of the usual suspects, such as: Golden Ear, Monitor Audio, PSB and Revel. I know it's hard to be patient when the upgrade itch bites; but, I suggest you demo as many speakers as you can before deciding. If I ever replace my speakers again, I know I'll include Salk Sound in that demo process. Bottom line is trust your ears; and, good luck in your search!
A couple years ago I listened to Monitor Gold 300 floorstanders and was very impressed, seemed to be a great balance between detail yet not fatiguing, excellent all arounder. This was not the new model but the one that came out a couple of years ago with a vertical silver ribbon twitter. Liked it more than Revel f208 which seemed like it had less life and excitement (neutral i know).
I am not sure how people could demo salk, arent they entirely internet based?
Look up some Usher speakers, the older 6371, 6381 and 6391 were killer speakers and great bass, the newer Usher Mini Diamond 1 and 2 are more refined and sound great from top to bottom and won't break the bank
Thank all. 

Well I'm about to hit the PayPal send button for a pair of Pioneer S-1EX. Thanks for pointing those out howaboutthat41!  I like what I read in the reviews and they seem to have a very high build quality. We shall see in a week or so. 
Certainly — I hope that they meet (and exceed) your expectations. Take time to dial them in by way of positioning, which is invited with all speakers but perhaps moreso for those with concentric drivers.  Most top flight speakers are reviewed as punching well above their price points (to the point that notion is rather hackneyed) but if Pioneer simply marketed these as TAD speakers I believe they would have commanded prices and notoriety in line with Revel’s Ultima 2 line.  And I am a Revel fan (and owner) going back to the Madrigal days.  

If the Pioneer S-1EX does indeed sound near the TAD E-1, then you have one mighty speaker at the price they are being offered for on eBay - that speaker looks to have drivers similar to the TAD E-1. I have owned E-1s along with the matching amp/preamp for two years and they will take me to the grave. Don't know the retail on the Pioneer's but the E-1s are $30k retail.

Do realize you'll need a great amp to pair whatever speakers you purchase. Otherwise you'll get that compressed hardness when played loud. Just because an amp has "plenty" of power does not mean that it makes pure clean power. The speaker/amp interface is the most important metric in system synergy. Good luck in your pursuit.
Slept on it for the night and hit the send button this morning on the S1s. Worked out a descent deal for both of us I believe. If my electronics do not do them justice I will certainly look to upgrade slowly. I do think the Crown DCI would surprise a lot of folks though.

Probably a stupid question....... Will a speaker that has dual binding posts for bi-wire also work for bi-amping?  
You most likely did make a wise choice with Pioneer. Wow. Stereophile reviewed them and said this tower speaker model was a winner and not fussy about placement either. I like that. Heck, I had to put my big full range towers in the corners  and it ruined just a little bit of the sound. When it is a great speaker it is a great speaker. Sounds like you found a winner. Have fun with the slam. I wish I could hear them. 
Thanks for the encouraging words  arichison. They seem like a lot of speaker for the money. I now am going to be looking for a used dac hopefully under 1k. I would welcome any suggestions there. Oh and get some kind of gliders, maybe herbies since the dam things weigh 145lbs. 
A few sheets of no res instead of the insulation and some dynamat on the cabinets supports behind the woofers of the double impacts and you get less cabinet sound and tighter punchier bass.
But you already gave up on them so...
You scored big time.  Those Pioneers are a lot of bang for the buck.  You owe whoever suggested those a 6 pack of microbrews...
If you don't like boxed speakers consider OB dipolars like the Spatial Audio M5 Sapphires.  They play acoustic extremely well.  And IMHO, get rid of the Crown.
I have a pair of Goldenear Triton 2+, which now run just under 4K. They keep going up in price. I think last I heard they were $3695. As all the reviewers will tell you, they're damned good. Very relaxed. They don't feel like they're trying to be good, they just are. An example of the opposite in my mind is Dynaudio. To me, they try too hard. Their bass is very tight--too tight to my ears--and their treble the same. 

I wouldn't say the Goldenears romanticise the music. Some recordings I have, especially SACD or DSD discs can have a very tight sound, and the Goldenears pick that up, but make it sound musical. 

Of course, as with all speakers, the source is very important. I have older Audio Research equipment. A Ref Preamp V. 2 Mk., and a PH7 phono amp. I've had some not-so-good ARC pieces, but I love these. My amp is a McCormack DNA-1, upgraded so many times it has an SMC logos on front. With the tubes, it's magical. I play vinyl on an old VPI TNT-3, which I keep in good condition, and records sound wonderful.

There are less expensive Goldenears that have also gotten fabulous reviews. I wouldn't let the fact that they take out two-page ads in every stereo magazine scare you. They make the speakers in Hong Kong and Sandy Gross (famous for other speaker lines)  has become a good business man. I like the idea of in-house, hand manufactured as much as the next guy, but I couldn't afford more than a $3K speaker. And equivalent hand-made speaker would probably be at least triple.

Anyway, if I were in the market for a speaker with a $3K or less budget, I would listen to Goldenear. Often, though, the dealer shows them as surround sound speakers. Tell him to hook the Goldenears to some decent front end equipment. No speaker sounds good hooked to cheap solid state, high-watt surround sound equipment
@rushfan I had the DIs for a couple years and liked them very much. I wouldn't say I gave up on them and the Moabs were in the running on this purchase. 
I had Goldenear Triton Ones before the DIs. Liked them  a lot, liked the DIs more. I would love to hear the Reference. 
@gkr70067I find the DCI Crowns very clean and powerful. Also from all accounts the Pioneers like high power so I will bi amp for a total of 600w channel. If it does not sound great I will look at replacing. I may try and borrow a more upscale amp to try out for a shootout. 
Won't arrive till the 15th!! Damn.. hate waiting. 
My DAC choices recently came down to MHDT Orchid and Audio Mirror. Based on some good discussion with people I trust, I picked up the Orchid, and it is one amazing DAC. I had several other higher priced DACs, and this one is way more musically engaging. I'd put it high on your list of considerations. Good luck putting it all together!

Thanks I'll look into the MHDT. Another name I keep seeing pop up is RME. Seems like everyone is starting to go R2R. 
@mofojo ,

if you live near Rhode Island, I can have you over to hear the GE Triton Reference.   Many Audiogoners have come through my living room for a listen.  
Thanks for the invite! I live in Grand Haven mi (West) so quite the haul. 
What are you pushing your References with? When I had T1s I liked SS with tube pre the best. 
If you have $4 - $5 grand to spend, with your electronics and desire for classical music and midrange, you really need to consider Sonus faber Sonetto V’s at $4,999.00. Quintessence Audio in Chicago is a great dealer with good demo capabilities and knowledgeable staff. They may even have a demo pair at less money. The Sonetto’s are easily matched with amps both SS and Tube. I have owned Luxman, and Rogue Audio amps and Focal, B&W, Yamaha NS 1000, and finally Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 and now Sonetto V speakers. While I don’t have a $100k system, mine is a $15k system. I’ve had friends with $70k systems say they can’t get the sound that I have. I can only agree that Dynaudio, Monitor Audio and the many other suggestions you’ve received are good speakers, but you’d be selling yourself short if you don’t at least audition the Sonetto V’s. Good listening and good luck!
Thanks. I've bought some Pioneer S-1ex speakers I will be patiently waiting on for the next few weeks. You must have misread, classical music is not something im interested in.