Speaker suggestions to go with MAC gear please

Hi all. I've recently acquired a McIntosh C2200 tube pre and MC2102 tube amp and am looking for suggestions for speakers that mate well with these two. I currently have VA Beethovens which I do like alot but am looking for something different to try. My budget is up to $5K new or used. I mainly listen to vocals, older rock, acoustical music. Actually vocals are the most important aspect. I'd like to hear the singer in the room with me.

The other gear which I will use is Cary 303 (which will be next to go as the upgrade money allows); Music Hall mm-7 for vinyl and Cardas GF cables.
Thanks! Mike.
Tannoy Dimension series (I have the D500, the D700 is the best of the lot, series just discontinued) or Prestige series (still available, pretty much special order). So far these have been my favorite fit for the Mcintosh components you have. The Tannoy Dimension speakers are great all-rounders, and excel, IMO, at acoustic and voice (but they do rock too). Very natural saounding, great at low volume, good off-axis sound. Lots of choices out there though. Listen around.
I heard that amp and pre-amp combo when I auditioned Monitor
Audio Speakers -- sounded great. Try it with the GR-60's. *I*
personally have the older Studio 60's, which I absolutely love
and that's what I heard with the Mac gear. I would also think Revel
F-50's would sound great with your gear and I see them advertized for around $5,000 used here on a-gon from time to time. I also
think a set of Sonus Faber Cremonas would pair up really nicely
with your gear -- you might be able to get a pair for around 5,000
used. See if you can find the dealers and give those speakers a listen.
castle howards...natural sound(particularly vocals) piano notes also have weight(most high end speakers do one or the other)..gradient revolutions(perfect for the music) and need that powerful mac.....both are full range and both are satisfying on old or poorly recorded material also..
I have the same combo as you and use the Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers with it. High efficiency, great looks and improved drivers over the previous Focus. I also have Gershman Acoustic Avant gardes RX 20's that are in the chain now . These speakers are phenomenal sounding with this setup. A friend also has this combo and uses the B&W 802 which sounds great also.
Hi all and thanks for the great suggestions. There is a Tannoy and B&W dealer fairly close to me so I truck up there and see if I can audition a few models. The only problem is that they don't carry MAC gear so it won't really be the same. I live about 1 1/2 hours from NYC so I'll have to plan a trip there too to listen to Revels and Sonus.

Has anyone tried any tube rolling in their gear? I'd be very interested in the results.

Thanks again everyone. Mike.
i also own the 2102. I love it. I suspect you will lean more to the Tannoys over the B&W. Also, see if there is a local KEF dealer. At this stage, I am leaning marginally toward the new Kefs even over the
Tannoy. I won't be making my decision until I remodel as I first weant my room accoustics in place.
I auditioned the C100 and MC352 on Tannoy D700s and was very very impressed. Everyone in the dealer came around to hear the event. It was the most popular setup there although definately not the most expensive.

I however don't really like B&W with McIntosh. I favor the richer sound the Tannoys offer, not to mention their excellent efficiency for tubes. You have great taste - the C2200+MC2102 combo is a heck of a pair. Good luck
your Vienna Acoustics speakers are, in fact, a very good match with the McIntosh-combo - I listened to it when buying the McIntosh combo I have. Go and listen to the speakers you were advised to listen to - but be sure you do not buy sth only for the thrill of buying sth different. In order to get a noticably better sound than with the Vienna Acoustics speakers, you'll have to spend more than the 5000 $ you want to spend, I'm afraid
Hi all again, you've given me even more to think about.

While I certainly love the VA Beethovens it's a case of is the grass greener on the other side? I wouldn't replace them without being sure it would be a big step up. It does look like I'll have to make it a point to listen to the Tannoy speakers and I did a little reading on the Legacy Focus 20/20 which seems like a great speaker but the closet dealer is about 3 hours away. I also plan to check out the new KEF's as I read some great reviews about them too.

Thanks again everyone, that's why this site is the best.