Speaker suggestions please

I thought I would throw out this request to see what eveyone thinks. My sytem consists of a PS audio premier, Cary slp03, Musical Reference RM 10 and Nola Boxer speakers. My issue involves the fact that I am almost in a nearfield listening position at barely six feet and it is difficult getting the imaging correct. I feel like I need another 4 feet or so for the the Nolas to image correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions about speakers that would serve me better at this distance?....thanks for your responses...
at 6ft in front of you if you could get the nolas 6ft left to right you should get a huge image
How far apart are your speakers and do you have them toed in?
If you use the XLO Test CD speaker set up track you will be able to obtain the best possible location for the speakers without all the trial and error in loved in most other methods. Incidentally, many speakers will image much better when they are closer together than 6 feet - say 4 or 5 feet.
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Nola Boxers can sound amazing if set up well. I would think 6 ft. wouldbe enough.

On a side note, I met the family that builds Nola speakers at RMAF this year and they're great people. Made me feel right at home. Laid back and friendly :-)
Why the same question that you asked 15 down?