Speaker suggestions for Plinius, Muse...

Friend of mine is looking for floorstanding speakers (small to medium room)for Sony X7es cd, Muse model II pre-amp, Plinius MK-3 amp, cables MIT balanced 330 pro-line, speaker cable MIT shotgun 750 bi-wire. His Canton Ergo Rc-L, have overpowering bass, for his new smaller house. Price around 4k. Thanks! Music preference: almost everything!
eldragon i just though i would tell you i posted a message about speakers yesterday and got so many good responces. i took someones advise and called audio connection there website is www. audioconnect.com or email them at [email protected] this guy john rutan has so much knowledge of audio its not funny he will help you with what ever you want and his prices are very fair. i just bought a pair of b&w 802's. he is very smart doesn't have a big head when it comes to high end audio. this store is in new jersey. there phone number is 973 239-1799 and they are open until 6 pm eastern standard time they can help they ship any where. happy speaker hunting.
The ProAc Response 1.5 for $3K. Also, the ProAc has a single 6.5" woofer, compared to his current dual woofer setup. As for the bass, it is clean and musical sounding.
Hi. A good match would be a pair of Thiel 2.3. The plinius has a great neureal signature that will compliment the highs of the thiels. The MIT's also are a good match for the Thiels - see soundstage review of the Thiels and MIT cables. Absolute sound loves these speakers which retail at $3,600.
"Muse model II pre-amp"? No such thing, no such model. These is a "Model Two" DAC. There was a Model One pre amp and there is current model Three pre amp and the new MAP (which can act as a pre amp among other things). Never heard of a "Plinius MK-3 amp". Plinius has been around for about 20 years, so maybe it's a very old model I don't know about (it's also not in the Orion Blue Book)? Current models are the: SA-50mkIII, SA-100mkIII, and the SA-250mkIV. Anyway, we carry Muse and Plinius and could offer some advice, but aren't really sure of what you're friend is using. For speakers we recommend Dunlavy. We also sell most Dunlavy speakers with Muse and Plinius. I can tell we can take the Cantons towards any Dunlavy model. Your friend should consider the SC-III's. www.hellohifi.com
Hellohifi is correct, and i am making a correction: Muse model THREE, and i meant to put Plinius SA-100mkIII Thanks!
For Plinius and Muse, the recommendation is easy: Merlin VSM-SEs. Merlin shows with Muse digital electronics at the audio shows, and Merlin's designer recommends Plinius amps for those that must solid-state. The Merlins stomp all over the Dunlavy SC-IIIs; the SC-IVA's might be a better comparison.
Agree with Paullindemann that Thiels work great with Plinius amps.
I'm using the plinius sa 100 mk3 on a pair of apogee stages. They have the command and authority I was missing from the BEL 1001 mk3. I found the plinius a bit dry, lean egdy and analytical however nicely detailed and very balanced throughout the spectrum. I recently purchased a Bel Canto SEP 1 which gives warmth and richness to the sound.