Speaker suggestions for Cary SLI-80 tube amp

I'm looking for speaker suggestions for a Cary SLI-80 tube
amp based system. I listen to chamber music, piano, organ
etc - and a little rock! My room is 22feet X 15feet.

My budget is about $3000 used.

All suggestions will be greatfully received.

I would suggest the Quad 988 or the Gershman Acoustic Avant Gardes.
You will need more power than the SLI-80 can produce to effectively run the Quads. The Gershmanns would be a good choice as they are very efficient. My room has similar dimensions. I had run my ProAc 2.5s off a 55wpc tube integrated (similar to the Cary) and found the simply wasn't enough power. I would recommend the Triangle Lyrr (new $3k), Audio Physic Virgos, Alon Lotus, JM Renaud Trente and Silverline Sonata based on your music preferences.
Tannoy D700 used.
Check out the Voce Divina Soprano. It is an extremely well built speaker, at 40 pounds for each small monitor. Its sound is superb. Very efficient at 90 DB with a stable 8 Ohms. I am using them with Cary 300SE Monos. See www.vocedivina.com. Several audiogon dealers sell them and can give you more info. They are a best kept secret in the USA, as they devote most of their ad budget to the Korean market where they enjoy greater margin.
Do you think the SLI-80 would drive the Thiel 1.6's? 90db at 2.83, impedence drops to around 3.5.
thank you.