Speaker Suggestions for ARC VT100

I am looking for suggestions on which speakers I should audition. Currentley I am using an Audio Research VT100 mk II amplifier with an Audible Illusions L1 preamp. I listen 90% to large scale classical (think Stravinsky, Mahler & Shostakovich). My room size is approximately 15 ft X 20FT. Price new should be no more than $6k. Hopefully making them used at about $3K or under. However, the cheaper the better!

Thanks in advance.
Used Audio Physic Virgo's are one good idea. about $2500 used. Good match and plenty of power for your room size...

Not the last word in bass extension, so hope you're not into pipe organs, but great detail, imaging, tonality. Bass is extremely detailed, just not going to rattle your teeth...
I've used the VT-100 (I & III) with Audio Artistry Dvorak, Proac 3.8, Kef Ref-III V2 and Thiel 1.6 w/sub (current).
They ALL sounded good so I guess amp is versatile.
I'd bet the Cain&Cain BEN single would sound magnificent.
I'd also like to try with Harbeth monitor-40.
Of course, the Tyler Linbrook would also work.
Someone listed a pair of Paragon Jubilee/Jems on the For Sale site for 2300. These are full range dynamic speakers using Dynaudio drivers. The have a excellent impedence values for tubes (8ohm nominal and 5.6ohm minimum), are very transparent and dynamic. I have used them in my system since 1996 - and I drive them with tube amps. They replaced Quad 63's (which I still have, just in case). They are tonally very neutral and they completely disappear into the sound stage. Paragon went out of business a few years ago - you rarely see these up for sale. Very highly recommended, especially at the asking price.
I have also used this great amp on my top end of the Infinity RS 1-B's. They worked quite well!!
Infinity intermezzo 4.1t's are discontinued & selling new @ under 3k w/ship. built in powered sub w/room correction, not preludes but close...
The vt-100 is a perfect match for Proac 2.5.
Vandersteen Model 3A Signatures are a great pairing with that amp. I've heard it and liked it a LOT.
Good luck!
I'm now running two systems in my house with ARC VT100s, both with ProAc speakers--Response 2s in my study and 3.8s in my living room. I played around for a while in my living room with big Martin Logans (Prodigy) and with small Martin Logans (Aeons), but they didn't really have the slam I wanted for rock. Mind you, they were astonishing with vocals. I auditioned a bunch of other speakers, but ultimately ended up thinking how good the study system sounded and went out an picked up the 3.8s. There is something magic about ARC & ProAc.
I am using my VT100 MKII with Magneplanar MG 3.5s. The combo is extremely musical. Very punchy, robust with tremendous soundstage. Try the maggies.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to plan a road trip so I can hear all these speakers.

Has anypne heard the ARC with either Coincident or Silverline?