Speaker suggestions for an unusual room

The above photo is a panoramic view of my listening room.  Floor to ceiling windows with shades, tile floor with some rugs, back of room (not in photo) has flat wall with recessed areas and lower ceiling.  Main room ceiling is about 13 feet.
Am interested to hear suggestions for types of speakers (or even more specific suggestions) for those that might work best in this environment.  Currently (pictured) speakers are modified "Cornscalas".
Thank you!
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Apparently the photo did not load.  The front and right walls are circlular with floor to (13 foot) ceiling windows.  Back and left walls are straight.  Left wall with 4 foot opening adjacent to front wall opens to next room.  Cornscala variants are on front wall.
Diameter of room is approximately 20 feet.
So far have had the best luck with large speakers with broad front baffles.  Since there are windows along front wall and furniture placement does not allow the speakers to be very far from the front wall, speakers which minimize backward dispersion have also worked best.
My speakers are broad. Not sure what is your budget?

Imo the Cornscalas are in the right ballpark for this type of room.

Ime for difficult or unusual rooms, you want speakers where the radiation pattern is not too wide - say 90 degrees over most of the spectrum - and where the off-axis response tracks the on-axis response fairly well.  This way whatever energy the room bounces back at you, it supports the direct sound from the speakers rather than fighting against it.  This implies large (and in particular broad) speakers, because it takes a large source to maintain good directional control well down into the midrange.

If the low end is problematic, like if it is weak or boomy or whatever, that would need to be diagnosed and dealt with.

Are the speakers going to be in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows?  If so, then we might not want them to be any bigger than they need to be, to minimize their impact on the view out the windows. 

Hope some of this is useful.



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