Speaker suggestions for an Art Audio PX25

I have just purchased a 2nd hand PX 25 and am looking for speaker suggestions.I have been out of the hobby for a while and want to stay off the merrygo round.Just want to get on listening to some music.My room is small ,volumes not loud and my taste jazz and small scale classical.Will probably buy a Resolution Audio cd to go with it.Any suggestions appreciated.
Regards Steve
When you say your room is small.... How small? The first thing that comes to my mind is Avantgard's.... But with too small of a room they wouldn't work well. You might check into the Reference 3A line-up too.

Hi Zola,

I also have the AA PX-25. One thing I should point out is that Joe Fratus designed an unusually strong power supply, for a single digit output SET, that allows it to have the comparable drive of some 12-18wpc SET amps I've had in my system.

It would help to know what type of music you listen to most often and the aspects of reproduction that are most important to you since no speaker is perfect.

And what prior experiences have you had with high-efficiency systems and speakers? And stand out that you liked?

that has to be one of the nicest listening rooms I've ever seen...I'm interested in the PX25 also since I have 99db efficient speakers that are fairly flat to 8 ohm...using 2A3 tube integrated now...if you have time, what are the things you like most and least about the PX25.
In the multi-driver category of efficient speakers the 2 names that come to mind are Coincident and Silverline, they both carry many models in size and price that are highly acclaimed and very fitting for low powered SET's.

Thanks for the nice comments on the listening room. As far as the AA PX-25 goes. I can't think of anything that I don't like about it. I have compared it to a few different amps (BAT VK75se, Wytec Onyx, VAC, etc.) and the only one I may (emphesis on may)have preferred was the Nagra 845 amps.... They ended up being too noisy for my system though.

The PX-25 is VERY quiet, a little sweet, and has great resolution and extension. Believe it when they say, "it seems much more powerful than rated"..... Only thing I would change... I wish I could afford the mono version.


PS Joe Fratus (AA Owner) has got to be one of the best guy's in the audio industry.

Did you see the used PX-25 monos for sale here last week at ~$6k? Didn't last long.

I didn't even know they existed. Man, I wish i had the scratch for such an indulgence.
My room is small 18`L 12`W.the speakers fire down the room.
Need A smallish speaker would the Devore or Living voice
speakers be efficient enough.Thats about as big as my room permits.
Zola I build loudspeakers for low power amplifiers like px25 see my adds, check my feedback. A few owners of my systems use Art px25 sure you could contact them if you like.JK-K.C.S.
Moebius..... Yeah, I saw the ad; serious coveting going on over here. Like you say though.... It all comes down to the scratch.... sigh.

CMO - every once in a while, an ad comes along that has me thinking "What can I sell of it to get that?"

But, it always comes down to - I can have the monoblocks, but then no speakers.

Or, I can have those speakers, but no amp/preamp/cd player.

Or, I can have that turntable, but no tonearm or cartridge.

Such is life.
Von Scheikert DB 100s, I used them with the PX25 for a few years, excellent combo.

Or a car.... Or a house.... Oh, wait.... I do need an outlet to plug the mono blocks into!!! C:-)

The Horn from The Horn Shoppe

I have the Art Audio PX-25 mono amps. I bought the amps used on Audiogon to match with the future purchase of Zu Definition or Avantgarde Duo Omega speakers. The amp / Duo combo was per the recommendation of the current East Coast distributor of Avantgarde speakers. After reading the 6moon reviews of The Horn and realizing that it was a quick drive from Charlotte, I decided to go down for a listen.

Ed is one very interesting guy and knows a lot about speakers. But his success in solving the Rubick’s Cube of speaker design apparently came from decades of trial and error. His wife was there to attest to that.

After hanging out with Ed listening to his speakers for an afternoon I decided that $850 was nothing to pay for a pair of these babies and that even if they proved to be a future novelty or a second or third system speaker, that there was really no downside.

So once I got them home, the Audio Gods played a trick on me as one of the tubes in my PX-25s went down. So I decided to break in The Horns with a McIntosh 2505 and an iPod on shuffle for a couple of days before my new tubes came – I normally only listen to vinyl in my listening room. I want out to check on things later that evening and got sucked into listening to my iPod for five hours – the longest listening session I have had since college.

So Joe at Art Audio sent me some nice sounding tubes and I bought some Telefunken CCa and things came together in an unbelievable way. The speakers sound amazing with the PX-25s / CCa combo and my system sounds as good as any system I have ever heard. My system now has a fat thick soundstage with nimble and quick detail. Paradise. I will still audition other speakers for a future potential big purchase but I have to say that I am not in a hurry to do so.

Final note, I read last night in one of the 6moon reviews for a different Art Audio amp, that the SET / single driver combo in their tests worked very well. I agree, it makes for a truly realistic reproduction on even poorly recorded LPs and yes they have more than enough bass. They sound like live music at any volume.
So Kevin, you're the one who gobbled up those PX-25 monos! I was very, very, close to going for them. I doubt they will ever pop again at that price.

Man, I regret not snapping those up.
I am glad to have them. In keeping with the thread -- what kind of speakers would you match with them?
Kevin...... I think you already said what speakers to match them with. Avantgardes, of course;-)