Speaker Suggestions?/Advice Needed.

Attempting to assemble best cd only playback system within a budget. I have a Wadia 6 direct to Threshold T200(100watt). Listen to a wide variety of music. Going into a 12' x 15' room. Roughly 2>3K to spend. Which used fullrange speakers might compliment/mesh with this digital setup??? Thanks in advance for your advice guys this is my first go at the Hi End.
check out the great deaols on the "B" stock (cosmetic only} all componets are A stock on soliloqyu speakers check out our web site at --http://audiogo1.iserver.net/cgi-bin/classa5.pl?0&1&adlr&Questforsound&home& good listening stephen
NHT 3.3 used, around 15/16 hundred used. Vandersteen 3a or 3a sig's for a bit more.
I can recommend the Shearwater (non Hot-Rod)as I have a pair but think you should seek out Totem speakers -- particulary the Sttaf and Forrest (also own these). I have been in HIFI for 20+ years and owned several dozen high end speakers but the Totems are the first ones I've owned that sound highend without high price. They would be a perfect match in a room your size and are so articulate and sonically accurate that you will be suspicious of them!. Some calim they are bright or lack bass but that is probably a room response or something related to cable or electronics -- there is so much audiorubbish and squirrelphile gear out there I am surprised that anyone can tell what is good any more. I use an RTA / Room Equalizer to help adjust response from the speakers in conjunction with the room to get the most out of my collection of speakers. The difference can be stunning and make a good speaker sound great so do not be afraid of using and RTA/equalizer, only the geeks who do not thoroughly understand the physics of sound propagation dislike them.
i think that there are alot of great speakers out there in your budget range (silverline, b&w, totem, etc.). it's all really a matter of your own preference. in my opinion, it's allways best to have a listen at home first. if you have a good dealer, this shouldn't be a problem. you can't really tell what they will sound like in the showroom unless they have the same equipment and the same acoustics that you do at home. have fun with your search(that is what it's all about, isn't it?).
I would like to thank all for sharing your thoughts & experience with me. It seems the more I learn about this hobby the more overwhelming it all becomes (been reading from Harley's Hi-End Audio). I have listened to Vanderstein 1 & 2 as well as Meadowlark Herron & Shearwater. Also smaller PSB towers and Paradigm Ref. 40 60 & 100. I will check around town for authorized dealers of speakers you have suggested. Thanks again.
Look at Soliloquy 6.3s from Underwoodwally here on Audiogon. I am still breaking my pair in, but they sound great and they are at the bottom end of your price range.
The Vandersteen reccomendation is an excellent one. Lots of sound for the money. I have several models, liked them all.
I really liked the sound of the Revel F50 (esp the midrange). If you can handle their cartoony looks (my wife couldn't!) check 'em out. Far more natural than Nautilus 804 or Thiel 2.3, IMO. Good Luck
nomad, proac or dynaudio will give a far more detailed sound than the vandy's or meadowlarks (or even than the totems, imo) - i'd try that, as an alternative before ya commit... but, running yer cd's straight-in may make a truely detailed speaker unbearable over time - don't ferget that tubed preamp! :>)

personally, *i'm* saving for a pair of newforn research r645's (w/a custom mid-woofer set-up) check out their www, & the reviews on audioreview - at $2250 delivered, w/a 30-day in-home trial, they may be hard to beat at the price. *i'm* gonna try it! (really ugly, tho...)

Consider Vienna Acoustic's speaker line. Mozart, Beethoven, and Mahler. Anyone of the 3 would be worthy considerations depending on your budget.
Full range, Semi effecient and very easy load due to simple cross-over. They can be ran with SET's. Stereophile class b. Cost about $1700. My friend has the tituses which are the 2 waY book shelf versions and they are incredible.