Speaker Suggestions

I am currently using the B&K AVR202, with a Marantz 930 DVD, Kimber 8TC cables and Wireworld Interconnects. I am using a Definitve Technology setup all the way around and looking to upgrade. I have about $6,500 to spend on all speakers including a sub. My room is 25x17 with 25 foot ceilings. Any advice?
What don't you like about the speaker setup you have now?
Look into the Genesis APM-1 speakers.Read the review at the Genesis site,at audio revolution and owner reviews at www.audio review.com These list for $9500. and can be had for $6000. for demos.They have incredible high end sub woofers built in.They excel at serious H T and for serious audiophile needs.To match the level of these subs with stand alone with a pair of Genesis subs would cost $5000.alone,Also read the review at soundstage.Iwould love to own apair of these but my current budget will not allow.
One of the best systems for that kind of money would be the Martin Logan SL3 mains, Aerius or Scenario or Script surrounds (depends on room size) and ML Cinema center. A sub that gets it with these is the Sunfire MKII. The total comes to close to your budget i.e. new or even less on slightly used ones/demos. It is a fab setup for music and HT. If you can go the extra for the Requests speakers it would be even that much better on the music end. Transparency and clarity are great.
I can't thing of anything better than a JM Lab Electra Series Home Theater/Audio Setup. The Electra series is a direct descendant from the Utopia Line. Go with a pair of 905's for the Mains, SR30 for the Rear, CC30 for the center and SW33a for the sub. The whole system retail is $6700 and it is awesome! If your interested, let me know I can get you a good price on new gear.
TruSonic by AVMS is your best bet. of course, as the owner, im biased! BUT for $3995 including shipping you get your $6500 worth and that includes TWO 12" powered remote controlled subs. Wait for the reviews in TAC, T$S, or Bound For Sound or just call toll free 888-803-3770 30 day trial!
Personally, I think that the Definitive Tech are some fine sounding speakers that handle HT very well. Since, you have the budget of $6,500 why don't you try the Newform Research speakers. It is a full line of ribbon speakers that is very transparent, quick, dynamic, and superd soundstage speakers. It can only purchase factory direct. Check it out: www.newformresearch.com
what kind of music do you listen to and how much money do you have to spend? if you don't need anything below 45hz ie. you listen to classical and jazz,and vocals then i don't think there is a speaker out there better then the aliante model one pinifarina ( see lars fredell's review in the fall ultimate audio mag)you can buy a pair for around $5000 (don't get the vela stands) and buy a good pair of speaker stands ( i have ironworkz audio stands ) that are much better then they are.you won't find the human voice sounding better on any other speaker,in my and lars' opinion.