Speaker suggestions

I'll be using a RWA Isabella for preamp and DAC; may add a high res DAC later and a record player is possible too. amps are the new Bob Carver cherry 180s. I have anti-cable speaker cables and interconnects. Also have a decant set of silver interconnect cables ( these sound too bright in the room right now ) probably need more room treatments. The room is 16"3' by 13"6'. I currently have omega 8" super XRS Alnico. I listen to singer song writer a lot; tho am growing fonder of more complicated music classical and largely layered. Maybe something a little clearer on the high end. Physical on the smaller side would be nice and placement is close to the wall on one side. They are set placed on the sort side unfortunately. Thanks for any advice in advance. Regards
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I don't know your components, however, I do know that anything with the name Vandersteen on them gives excellent price/performance.
What is your budget? The Von Schweikerts line is musical and will play way above their price range every time.
Price wise around 3k. Would be into trying something vintage too. Just haven't heard them and wouldn't really know where to start.
Thanks for the response I will look into Vandersteen.
I would consider Merlin since you already have tube amps.