speaker suggestions...

Hello All -

I am in the market to upgrade my SF Concertino Domus speakers. I am looking at the Thiel SCS4T, SF Liuto Monitor and Dynaudio Contour S1.4...also thought of Aerial Model 6 and Joseph RM25XL. Looking at the $2K - $ 2.5K Audiogon cost range. Musical tastes - classical, rock, blues, jazz, acoustic...the occasional movie. No sub, but one is in my future. Any thoughts?

I currently have a Simaudio I5.3 integrated using Nordost Baldur speaker cables.

Thanks for checking in!

Best - Steve<><
Wish I could help with specific models you've mentioned. With the Sim amp you have I'm sure any of them would sound great.

I'll add another one you might want to check out: Paradigm Studio Ref 100v3 or v4.

always needing to be right i'll recommend what I listen to. reading these posts that seems to be whats going on. in my experience it costs a little more for new speakers that will have the resolution the rest of your gear is capable of so I would try to buy a used floorstander or quality 2way. happy hunting.