Speaker Suggestions

Hi, my set up now is:

4 Kef RDM 2
Kef 200C

Belkin UPS
Belkin PC

Samsung HL67A750

I have been trying for yrs to find some matching RDM 3 towers for the front with no luck...

I was thinking of switching to some:
Monitor Audio GS10
Montior Audio GS20
Monitor Audio GSLCR

Would i hear much of a difference, with 10yr newer tech
My Kef were around the same price new as these are today

Any Suggestions
They may not be as good; speakers have gone up drastically in the past 10 years so the same amount of money buys less speaker today; a good reason for buying used. There may be some improvement over the last 10 years but most of it has been at the very top of the market; if I were happy with the sound I wouldn't change. You would hear a difference in all likelihood but would it be better?
Depends on what you are looking for. The Monitor Audio IMHO are brighter speakers than the KEFs .It has been awhile since I listened to those KEFs, but other KEFs I have listened relaxed sound. Like Stanwal said...a change, but not sure if it would be an improvement. Guess, why are you looking for towers in the front? I gather it is a 5.1 system and the bass is going to the sub.