Speaker Suggestions

I'm planning on upgrading a home theater 2.0 speaker setup to 5.1. I'm currently using Rega RS5's with an Onkyo TX-NR5007. Any suggestions on speakers for surrounds, center channel, and a sub? I want to spend around 2k but willing to spend up to 2.5k. I usually just watch movies, concert dvd's, and listen to music. Advice and comments welcome. Look forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks!
Stick with Rega if you like them. Rega makes smaller speakers that can easily be used as surrounds and center channels.

As for subs, look into the new REL. They make an affordable T Series that sounds great.
look at totem
For the $$$$, PSB is hard to beat for HT & 2/ch. and they make some excellent powered subs also.
Bang for buck, and very good sound.