Speaker Suggestions

I am really torn between which speakers to get. I have the B&K Ref 50 and 7270 Amp so I have plenty of power. I am looking at Monitor Audio Gold GR60, Martin Logan Odysssey, or Theil 1.6. Any suggestions.

Also for a sub woofer I am considering the Monitor Audio FB212, Martin Logan Descent or the REl Stadium. Anyone out there with experience with these speaker set ups.

With your particular amp I would go with the Monitor Audio Gold GR60 and matching FB212 subwoofer.
I've heard the ML's and Theils, wouldn't buy either one. What are your musical tastes and what kind of sound are you looking for? Any which way, hearing a speaker for yourself and your local dealer is worth a hundred thousand words from a stranger, and seeing ML and Theil dealers are everywhere, why not just go take a listen for yourself?