Speaker Suggestions


I am looking to upgrade my front speakers (part of my home theater) from Bowers & Wilkins CM8 to the next level. I have narrowed it down to:

Revel C206
Focal 926 
B&W 804 S

Can you please provide some recommendations? I am looking for New/Used in the $2K to $3K range. Thanks
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Is this change for 2 channel audio listening? If not, keep in mind you will need to change center and rear to timbre match the L & R for multi channel music and movies.
Any specific series from Monitor?

I like them all, but Silver is more punchy, platinum much more neutral and reference quality. Platinum better for a variety of music and HT.

You should listen for yourself, but also scout around for sales. Audio Advisor or Parts Connexion sometimes have recently discontinued items for a song.
Vandersteen 3a's or Magnepan 1.7's (if you have the power to drive them)

If you’re upgrading your front speakers but you haven’t yet added surrounds in the back of your room, get those set up first. Experiencing true surround sound from discrete surround speakers will forever change how you watch movies at home.