Speaker Suggestions


I am looking to upgrade my front speakers (part of my home theater) from Bowers & Wilkins CM8 to the next level. I have narrowed it down to:

Revel C206
Focal 926 
B&W 804 S

Can you please provide some recommendations? I am looking for New/Used in the $2K to $3K range. Thanks
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Any specific series from Monitor?
Vandersteen would be something you should audition, especially if you are moving from B & W.
A pair of 3a sig used should come in at your budget. But even a Model 1 with some Vandy subs would be a killer system for a regular sized room.
Is this change for 2 channel audio listening? If not, keep in mind you will need to change center and rear to timbre match the L & R for multi channel music and movies.
Any specific series from Monitor?

I like them all, but Silver is more punchy, platinum much more neutral and reference quality. Platinum better for a variety of music and HT.

You should listen for yourself, but also scout around for sales. Audio Advisor or Parts Connexion sometimes have recently discontinued items for a song.
Vandersteen 3a's or Magnepan 1.7's (if you have the power to drive them)

If you’re upgrading your front speakers but you haven’t yet added surrounds in the back of your room, get those set up first. Experiencing true surround sound from discrete surround speakers will forever change how you watch movies at home.
Is this for 2-channel as well as HT?  If so, what are you looking to improve upon over the B&Ws?  Most importantly, what aspects of speaker performance and sound reproduction are most important to you?  What electronics are you driving the speakers with?  What are you using for a center speaker if any?  Sorry for all the questions, but the more info you give here, the better and more useful the rcommendations will be. 
No worries. Sorry for the late reply.

I am slowly building a HT system step by step. I listen to multi channel music more than 2 channel. I am looking at Monolith 7 channel amp to drive these speakers. For Center, I currently have B&W HT62 and I am looking to upgrade as well. 
Hope this answers.
Revel’s have pretty much no fault other than limited bass, but if using a sub it’s a non-issue.

Focal is solid, not the best usually but still worth their price point, and they look nice.

B&W speakers image well, and that’s the only good thing I can say about them.

Another user recommended Monitor Audio, they are solid as well, Stereophile reviewed/measured the Silver 300.

I personally would not use dipole speakers for home theater, especially as they won’t have a matching center (unless you are doing an acoustically transparent projection screen and use the same speaker as the center), but then the nature of dipole would make being put behind a screen utterly terrible.
I tested a Revel F208 and while it sounds good, the bass is limited for a pair of $5000 speakers. 

I will check out the Monitors as well. How is the bass performance with the Monitor Silver?
I use a pair of Silver 300s for my 2-channel setup.  Bass goes pretty deep, clear and fast.  I have no need for a sub, but that's just my taste.

The midrange is crystal clear, non-fatiguing.  I love them!

Try calling Parts Connexion.  That's where I bought mine, and they usually have discounted prices.
How big is the room? I have a beautiful pair of Vienna Acoustics Strauss in Rosewood that sound as good as they look, but have 11" side mounted woofers and can put too much bass in a small to medium room. USAM. Used Focal 936 more modern, less traditional looking sound better than they should for the price, the revels are lightweight in the bass for floor standers though smooth and if you're handing off to a sub will be good. I find B&W speakers more system dependent than most. Have fun with it. 

Monitor Audio Silver 500 has a hair deeper bass than the F208. If you found the Revel lacking, so would the Monitor Audio, even though crossing with a sub would solve this issue.

The Revel is top class for accuracy and imaging though (and soundstage is decently wide).
Thanks. I guess I will have to drive it with a sub.
Vandersteen has some great speakers. Haven't used but after searching for a while I think these are the best you can get
You really should hear them. I doubt you will be disappointed.
Thanks, I will try to check it out.
From what I’ve seen from Vandersteen on Stereophile, they sound pretty good, but imaging isn’t great and have dampened bass. However, no harm in demoing (just make sure it’s in a room size and seating distance that would be similar to yours).
Which one on Vandersteen - 3A or 1Ci?
Your impressions of Vandy's 
 imaging isn’t great and have dampened bass,
Is something I disagree with, and one I think most Vandy owners would, too.
With proper setup, their imaging is great.
As for bass, Yes, a 1ci vs a 3a sig won't go as low, but you can incorporate the Vandy subs and get as low as you can go, at a great price ( I know, as I am selling mine in order to get the new Sub 3's). One of the benefits is that the crossover relieves the amp from the power draining low frequencies, so you can use a less powered amp and still get great bass.
How large is your room?


Just look at their off-axis measurements from Stereophile. Not saying it’s bad, just saying a competing Revel or similar would have more accurate imaging.
PMC fact.8 maybe would combine perfect.