Speaker suggestions


I know this is a difficult question to answer, but any opinions are welcome.

Here is my situation. I listen mostly to pop and classical, including many symphonies. About 15x25 feet (5x8m) untreated room. 20wpc Decware amp currently driving 15 y/o LSI 15 polks. Polks are doing fine, nothing wrong with them. I am the 2nd owner.

I am considering an upgrade to my speakers. Would like to have full (or near full) range speakers, no sub, strongly prefer something made (assembled, not just designed) in the US, with 2-3k budget.

One option is to refurb/upgrade the Polks. About 1k gets me new premium crossover, new damping material, full inspection, and cleaning with some cosmetic finish work at a local well regarded audio shop.

The other option is buying something new. I plan to keep the system for at least 15-20 years, so need something well built, with solid fit/finish, and good internal electronics so I do not need to recap for at least 15 years.

Prefer new but will consider lightly used option if find something specific I like.

Have been looking lately at Tecton DI and Impact towers. Some posts mentioned that they do not measure very well, but I did not see any charts on the forums or on their site. Mostly great user reviews,
Other options are Ascend Acoustics Sierra towers, Klipsch Reference, SVS ultra towers. I think those are all US made. Spatial audio has great reviews, but not sure how well they handle complex classical music. 

Can you please provide comments/suggestions? Any other options worth considering. I am not much of DIY person.

Thanks much.
The Sierra towers with RAAL is probably my choice for towers below $5K if deep bass isn’t needed. Salk is great too, and better looking usually. 
Dynaudio X34 or X38, but they’re made in Denmark.

Watkins Generation 4 standmounted speakers are made in Tennessee. They have a good bass response for their size.

Spend the money on room treatment before upgrading your speakers. $2-3k on that will transform your system. Then worry about whether or not to change speakers.Just my 2 cents.
Strong competition to the Watkins are the Fritz Carrera 3.  Likewise excellent bass for size, and played exceptionally nice with 8w at the Capital Audio Fest.

I used to own the Polk LSI 15's but sold them and got the Polk LSIM 705's. My room is 10' by 20' and the LSIM 705's were too much bass for the room. Sold them and bought Spatial Audio M4 Triode Masters. The Spatial Audio speakers are absolutely fantastic. No bass problems and no room treatments necessary. They are 100% made in America and cost $3,000. Average 12 ohm impedance and 93db efficient. I couldn't imagine a better speaker for classical music (or any music for that matter) than these speakers in the room size that I have. I don't listen to much classical music but when I do, the soundstage is so large and the imaging so precise, it feels like I am in the audience.

Disclaimer: I have them powered with a CODA 10.5R amp that puts out 100 watts (25 watts Class A) and an Audible Illusions preamp. I don't know if the 20 watt Decware amp could bring them to life or not because even though these speakers are high impedance and are fairly efficient, they are open baffles. I tried a Cary Rocket 88 tube amp with them and was not satisfied with the bass so I got the solid state CODA amp. I do not feel a need for a subwoofer using the CODA amp..