Speaker Suggestions

I’m looking for recommendations for a pair of speakers and sub-woofer to use in my living room/dining room kitchen area. I was planning to spend about $600 - $800. Here are some of my considerations:

 They will be used with Marantz PM7000 amp, a MF A3 24 DAC and a Roku Soundbridge music player
 This is not my dedicated listing location; it is for music while I cook, background music when friends are over, that sort of thing. The quality needs to be respectable but doesn’t need to meet discerning listening standards. I realise that all of this is pretty subjective.
 Speakers should be attractive, discreet, clean lines and probably black.
 Used is fine

Any tips would be very welcome.
B&W 602. Not really expensive but really good sounding.
Green Mountain Audio Europa is a serious speakers for the money. Found used here from $500-$600 and lifetime warranty. You won't be disappointed. $995.00 factory direct.

You may want to consider these.

Ohm MicroWalsh. There is a review of them on 6moons. Good luck with your search.

A used pair of Dyanaudio Audience 50's ($400-450) or, better yet, Contour 1.1's ($800) would be high on my list.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Is there a satelite/sub setup that does a competent job with the sound while emulating Bose's vanishing speaker act? I had look at B&W M1s and thought that might be solution.
Try Monitor Audio Radius line. They have great looking and sounding speakers in that line.
I second the GMA Europa recommendation from Elsneb, but to keep inline with you original query, for the price, I say Athena AS F2.2 is a good way to go. they're floorstanders, with a respectable bass. I haven't heard them, but since they (and the company) are the evolution of Sound Dynamics, and their RTS line of speakers (I own the RTS3), the sound should be to your liking.
...and whaen I said, "to keep inline with you original query", I mean to suggest a speaker with a very nice amount of bass for the price-point you mentioned.