Speaker suggestion with Wadia/Classe ?

Need input for speakers to be used with a Wadia 23 and a Classe amp. Going to be used in a small bedroom 12x18 or so. I have Linn Tukans for now. My collections includes rock/pop form the 60-80s, a little vocals and misc stuff. Any suggestions? I don't have the chance to audition a lot of speakers because there aren't very many dealers here.
Thank you for your time
Balrog, I'm not fimilliar with your Linns, how ever check
out the new Thiel 1.6s or the Aerial 7Bs. Two different sounding speakers for whatever your taste is.
Thiel is more vivid and detailed while the Aerials are more laid back and soft up top.

Good luck.........Vader
Room size should be considered before choosing a speaker system. Most wives will accept small sattelites with a hidden sub. If you want, email me so we can chat direct.