Speaker suggestion for Lamm ML2.1 amps

Any suggestions for a higher efficiency/tube friendly impedance characteristics speakers for Lamm ML2.1?
Kharmas and Lamm are supposed to be a perfect match....
Coincident Speaker Technology are awesome wirth Lamms
Glorious with my AvantGarde Trios
I'll second the recommendation for coincident. I would also suggest Zu essence but that would be pure speculation as I have never heard them together.
At one time, Art Dudley was using Lamm ML2.1 on Audio Note AN-E/SPe HE loudspeakers.
higher end Wilsons work very, very well with Lamm 2.1s
My two top choices at a commensurate price level would be Wilson or Verity.
Vladimir Lamm uses Wilson so that says something.
I should have mentioned, I have Wilson Sasha's and Lamm M1.2's right now. Superb combination. I just don't think the Sasha will be an easy speaker to drive for 18w amps with their rather low impedance that dips into 1.8 ohms.... Therefore I thought of a separate system for the ML2.1's with speakers they will be more comfortable with. Thanks for all the suggestions so far, gives me some ideas for sure.
The bigger Wilsons are much more efficient than WP8's or Sashas. You'll see the ML2.1's paired with Maxx's and Alexandrias often, and the reviews I have read make it clear they are one of the best matches, and best sounds that exist at any price.
The WP8 are 92DB and dip to 2.2 ohm at 77hz. The Sasha is 91DB and dip pretty low to 1.8 ohm at 92HZ and the Maxx are 91db and dip to 2.9 ohm at 24hz. So the WP8 are the easiest to drive but the Maxx should be easier on an amps since it doesn't dip real low. This is why Lamm works so well on Wilson because it is one of the very few tube amps that can handle low impedance's.

So really if the ML2.1 works great on the Maxx it should work just as good on the Sasha.
would also suspect that any cables b/w amps & speakers that have impedance matching circuits in line (transparent / MIT) would help address bass rolloff.