Speaker suggestion for Forte model 3 & 40 preamp

I recently purchased the forte setup, and was wondering what type or pair of speakers I should look to match the system with. I currently have some old polk ls70's. I listen to a lot of different music types. I like rock and heavy metal, but will also play jazz and acoustic when in the right mood. My room is 12x10 with hardwood floors. I enjoy the heck out of the forte equipment. I am new to all of this and feel I should ask experts who have been in the hobby for awhile. Thanks
You should always give people your budget. You did an adequate job describing what you want but price matters. In addition tell us more about what you have listened to. Have you heard horns for instance I bought Klipsch Heresys in 1976, guess what I still have them but I also bought 1978 Lascals when I want to listen over 100db and do some headbanging. Their are ribbon there are eletrostatic panels with cone woofers. Ther are.....etc. I have over a dozen pairs of speakers but really use my JM Lab/ Focals Electra 936s and Von Schieckert VR2s both are cone types. I am an old fart but I still enjoy old rock. I listened to a 1982 release CD of Lynryd Skinner and was just thrilled as always when the finale is of course "Free Bird". (on the JMs all tube pre and amps Granite CDP). But I have ARC,MacIntosh,Sansiu,Nikko and more SS amps. I will put much of it up for sale one day here on the Gon. In any event stick witth the SS amps for punch and power. Don't buy the crap that some highly sensitive speaker are a bad mat. Au contre My Lascalas sound great (sort of) with either the Mac or the ARC. I put 110 watt amps on a speaker that has a 15" woofer thnat is rated 104 /Db/W/4 ft That's ridiculous right ? No, not, trust me on this the woofer won't breath if you feed it 3 watts. I have head them with flea power sure the compression drivers the tweeter and squaker will respond loudly but the bass is recessed. If you use a big amp the conventional 15" cone will get the jiuce and use it. The best speaker repair/builder/designer man I have ever known or seen Bill of Miller Sound gave that advice.