Speaker Suggestion for Conrad Johnson CA200 amp

Just getting back after a 2 year break.I have not got the space that I used to have so opted to go with the CA200.

Always liked the CJ sound

Have owned many systems over the years but happiest with my CJ Premier 12's and Avalons(numerous).Just Have not the room any more so looking for a smaller speaker.Any Suggestions.
CD player Resolution cd55 left over from the old days.Might upgrade later.
Thks in advance.
I have not had the opportunity to hear the CA200 with a variety of speakers, but I like it a lot with Dali Helikon 400s, which are midsized speakers.

Since you like the c-j sound, which has been trending toward "neutral", you would probably like the Dalis. The CA and Dalis produce a sweet, warm (but not too warm) sound that I enjoy. If the music rocks or whatever this combo rocks or whatever.

The Mk II Dalis tighten up a little midbass bloom that some people didn't like in the originals. Michael Fremer reviewed them in Stereophile so check that out.

I can no longer tolerate harsh or grainy or hyperdetailed sound and I don't listen to hiphop or compressed, screeching, recent vintage rock. It's fine if you do, but I just wanted to let you know where my tastes lie.

I've owned a CA200 since early this year. I tried it with the Dali Helikon 400 and the Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grands. I thought that it worked best with the Baby Grands, giving richer, more detailed bass and smoother highs.

If you have a strong preference for the Dalis, it'll work with them, but the VAs were a better match for me.