Speaker suggestion for 600.

I need help on the best speakers for <$600 preferably new, but would consider used if not very old. I have a Acurus A-250 and L-10 preamp, bought recently.

I am considering the Magnepan MMG (with a sub which I already have) and would appreciate suggestions for speakers equal or better in performance ie., sound for this price to audition. Ideally I would like to spend no more than $500 for the pair.

Rayasa: How large is your listening room and what type of music do you generally listen to? The answers to these questions will help others and myself make more informed and perhaps even better recommendations,
The room measures about 25Lx12Wx8H. I listen to mostly instrumental type music (mostly new age) and some soft rock.
Your room should accomodate quite a range of speakers. Although they are at the top of your budget, I think that you would really enjoy the MMG's. What they lack in dynamic ability they more than make up for in other areas, especially considering their cost. Another speaker to consider is the Castle Richmond (often discounted for $329.00 from its $500.00 list price). The Richmonds would also require stands (24" ones would do and should be available for $100.00 or less) and they have a big presentation from a small package. The Castle Pembroke may also be available at a discount as well (perhaps at around $550.00 or so) and it is a floor stander.
Rayasa, I am using B&W CDM1SEs with great results in a room of identical volume. If you look around you should be able to score a pair of these in you budget. Other electronics in my system are an Adcom GFA-555 and a Conrad Johnson Premier 2.
PSB makes some speakers that could fit your req's, though I couldn't say how they would fare against the MMG's you mention. The stratus mini is a good one if you can't stretch for the floorstanding stratus bronze's @ $700 new on ebay. And I think maybe some in the image series could be had in the price range. See www.psbspeakers.com. They usually get good reviews. A guy in canada sells all or most for about 45% off list on ebay.

Thanks for your responses thus far. The Triangle Titus is another speaker that interests me as it is within my budget. It is around $495 retail and is a Stereophile recommended component to boot (guess where I found out about this speaker :)). There arent any reviews of this speaker anywhere, but I have seen other reviews of Triangle speakers but not actually read them. Does anybody have experience with this one? Any other recommendations are of course welcome.

The JMLab chorus series has a really nice speaker for $450.