Speaker Sugestions Wanted $1500 max

Just for some backround, I am 15-years-old and in love with audio. My current system includes Klipsch RF-3's, Shanling Stp-80 (35 wpc 4,8 ohm taps), Crapy cd player ( to be upgraded), turntable sold (had yamaha px-3) but thinking of a vpi in the near future, hk430 (using only tuner)

Now for the point. I am intresting in getting new speakers, I like my RF-3's but there are somthings I dislike. First off the highs are a little shrill and fatiging. The build quility isn't very nice. And I just feel its time for an upgrade, and I feel for $1500 I can woop the pants off my current speakers.

I Listen to Rock and vocal/ small band jazz, at moderate levels. I need speakers that will work well with my new shanling stp-80. It can easily drive my klipsch and looking for the same. I need bass so if your going to sugest monitors a sub, stands, and the speaker will have to be avalible for my $1500 max budget, even though the less I spend the rest will go towards more music. I would like to have a floorstander, just for the bigger sound and bass, but I am open to anything really. I would rather have used, for the bang for the buck option.

I also don't want a laid back "polite" speaker. I want something that is dynamic and live sounding.

I think a pair of PSB Stratus Silver i's(about 800-900 on the used market) would be a perfect fit. If you want to spend even closer to your budget PSB Stratus Gold i's(1000-1200 on the used market) You will definetly have alot of options with 1500.00 to spend,but you certainly won't shortchange yourself with one of the above. Good luck.
used living voice auditorium...you'll have plenty of power
Hi Crazytubepower,

Glad to have you amongst us!

I think the best bang-for-the-buck prospects are likely to be among used, discontinued loudspeakers.

My suggestions would be Klipsch Cornwall (comparable in efficiency to your RF-3's but better quality drivers and probably better bass); Klipsch LaScala (stunning dynamics but missing the bottom octave and a half; add a sub and/or try an OTL or single-ended triode amp some day); Fried Valhalla or Studio 7 (lower efficiency than your Klipsches but definitely smoother and excellent bass); and the Bugtussel Sommu (competitive with the Frieds). All of these are currently available used here on Audiogon.

Best of luck on your Quest!

Duke LeJeune
Depends on how much bass you want but $1500 can buy a lot of speaker-You might want to keep size down thinking in future of a dorm room right?Keep colomn slender and get a sub now or latter would be suggestion (that way you have vitalHT component ifyou want two).Follow this up and tell us whatyou have listened to.It's good that you mentioned loudnes bnecause some that an older duff like me (all of 42) might suggest a pair of Maggnepans say if again like me you tilted towards jazz.You want soemthing that new or used delivers dynamics (slam) and enough bass to satisfy.I sold B&W and a used pair of B&W nautilus's on cheaper stands would be a real "audiophile" where you could ad a good sub but still now get soemthing that would be clear,get the mids right,and deliver enough bass in mean time.Or check out some flor standing speakers from Paradigm or NHT.The new NHT's have gotten good reviews andd I always thought they sounded good with a wide variuety of music types.Vandersteen's.Since about the time you were born folks have thought they are one of the best deals in Hifi.But TELL US what you have heard (or read about)and we canpoint you to others with characteristics you like and tell you not to travel to hear stuff that isn't worth the bother because in one way or another it is limited for your purposes.Do you think you ever might want HT?Ect etc.You have top always rember that some know what they are talking about some lose sight of fact that they might be just justifying there own buys and proving to themselves how smart they ar.This has beeen my problem with ratings on consumer based review sites like audioreview.com where half the high;y rated components rerally deserve only three or four stars not the 4.7 all of them seem to get.But is interesting to see what people have picked up and what they had before and didn't like as much or they tell you what they listenedto and didn't like as much while on "the hunt"Of course most pro reviewers withg ad space to sell half are paid liars who rarely give out a bad review lest they chase away advertising bucksand this goes for Mmgs as well as the newt based guys.But again tell us what you have heard andare thinking after a few posts and ask folks to keep up with your search.May times folks see answer a thread once and don't follow it and whaen they do have more insights and everybody is happy.
I own a pair of Von Schweikert VR-2s and I highly recommend them. They would match very well with your amp: the bass is 'punchy' so the bass from your tube amp will tend to sound more defined and controlled. You can find these used for about 1550.
Good luck,
Try used Green Mountain Audio Europa and ad a sub. First order cross over and easy to drive. Once you hear them, you will only want GMA speakers. The sub you can tune to your liking. You will be the envy of your peers.

There are somethings I left out, my room is small (12x14) however my current speakers are not too much for the room so I know I can pull off a floorstander.

chazzbo I have heard that vandy's are too laid back and not in your face enough.
Merlin TSM-MM or MX.Stretch the budget if needed .....
For $1500. you should be able to pick up a pair of
Von Schweikert VR2s which should give you everything you are looking for and can be driven by 20 watts+:
The are quite remarkable speakers.

There is a pair currently listed on Audiogon for close to your price at $1695.
You might need a compression driver type system for sensitivity abd output. You may be dissapointed with audiophile type speakers after your klipch. Your speakers now have much midband power better audiophile type speakers will have much better frequency extremes less coloration, less output. I went from JBL's Large ones to audiophile speakers Schweikert Vr-4 was completely freaked out what I was missing but the vr-4 cannot come close to the ouput of a compression driver type system.Why not get the Corner horns? Those will Never be duplicated the lowest octive drops off like dropping brick but there are subs for that.
Although I'm not really a fan of Von Schweikerts in a higher price range, I agree with Jgiacalo, that used VR2's are probably a very good match for your needs. If you buy them at the right price and take good care of them, you should be able to resell them later when you're ready to upgrade and get most of your money back.
If you want a lively detailed sound try Triangles. I have the Zerius and lovem.
I was thinking about the vr-2's, or even the 1's and there sub. I have really been leaning that way, I was also considering some soliloquy's the 6.3 model. Any coments on these?

How's the base on the Triangles? I've read elsewhere that it's a relative weakness, but that these speakers are quite fast and dynamic.

thx, - walkman
how about the proac 2000's and some nice stands? or the vr-1's and von's stands. I am starting to think monitors will be better suited for my small 12x14 room
Meadowlark Kestrels and you'll have a nice chunk of change leftover too.
Reimer McCullough
efficient, Talk to Neil. He can give you all the details
(has ads here on 'gon. I am waiting for my wind rivers to arrive this week.
I'd get Tyler Acoustic F2's in the floorstanding model. I love mine. Best speaker for the price, and best speaker, I've owned. This floorstander does so many things well and has a beautiful cabinet to boot. Two thumbs way up.

For $1500 I think your best bet is to look at several of the DIY kit speakers offered at madisound, Zalytron and several others. You will get much better sound for your $$$ than buying full retail or even used. Only problem is you can't hear them first, so you've got to go by reputation, tweeter type (metal vs soft dome vs ribbon), manufacturer recommendations (call them and tell them what you like), and owner comments.

Of all of the suggestions made on this thread so far, I would have to agree with the Von Schweikert VR2's. I also like the suggestion of the PSB Goldi's, but I'm not sure if your amp has enough horsepower for them.

I think I'd stay away from the Soliloquy 6.3's. I had the 6.2i's, and found them tame on the bass, and lacking dynamics.
I think a pair of Boston Acoustics VR-3 speakers would be worth checking out. They sound (and look) pretty good and are smoother on the high end than your Klipsh. They are an easy speaker to drive with an 8 ohm impedence and 93db sensitivity and well within your budget at $1250/pair new. I really liked the VR-2 model as well and if they are to your liking you could save quite a bit as they list at $850/pair. Whether they are what you're looking for or not only you can tell, but I think they are worth considering especially in view of your amp and listening room. Good luck.
uhh vr-2's are quite a bit more than $850, did you mean the vr-1's?
Get the 6.9 at Norh.com.I think they are $950 and
use the extra money to buy nice siltech ic,and
rewire them inside.Believe me, this speakers are
competing with 5k speakers,after rewire.Good Luck.
I have a parts conexion level 2 stp 80 and have tried a set of vs vr1, totem arros, and now meadowlark kestrel 2 and would have to say that the kestrels have the best combinatin of dynamics and air..my room is small 10x10 so i am always fighting the standing waves and frequency suckout promlems..i added a dayton 10 sub to the kestrels and cross it over at 40hz and this is the best combo yet....just adds the ambience back in as much as anything...the kestrels are solid wood and are a steal in todays used market...the finish is superb
Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand. Gorgeous build and finish, excellent sound, and goes very well with tubes.
are vandersteen model 2--whatever version too big ??

it's fairly balanced and has bass.

there's an eminent technology book shelf speaker for around $980, i think it's the lft 14. check with the company regarding power requirements. considering the siez of the room, you may be ok.
Second the Tyler Acoustics F-3 floorstander for what you describe.
I second the GMA Europa's. Amazing speaker for under a grand. The other poster is right....once you own GMA speakers you will always own GMA speakers. I just ordered the new Calypso.......anxiously awaiting delivery.
songwriter: It is ok to love a particular make, but it'd be interesting for me to know which other speakers you have compared gma'a against, and in what kind of room and what kind of music?
I sold high end audio for over a decade, so I heard virtually everything that was out there at some point. Some of the new, small companies that have popped up I have yet to hear. I would like to hear the Zu speakers, they seem to be on the right track. Direct comparisons have been done with ADS L-1290's, B&W 805's, Infinity IRS, Revel, Accoustat, Paradigm (entire line), Sonus Faber and others. Most of the comparisons have been done in my home which is brick, has a large listening room ( 16 x 30) roughly. Although some of the speakers had deaper bass, none of them had the realism of the GMA's. I have used pretty much every type of music. Rock, jazz, big band, new age, solo guitar/piano, hawaiian, rap, vocals, standards, audiophile and non audiophile recordings, vinyl, HDCD, and DVDA formats. I'm also a musician, which has at least one advantage: I make my own masters so I know how they have been eq'd, etc. I know what my Martin guitar sounds like because I play it daily. At times in listening tests the gma's are scary real. I'm not trying to belittle other designers. I'm trying to get people to at least listen to one designer that, in my opinion at least, does things the right way. Hope this helps.