Speaker stands w/ 10" x 10" top plate?

I'm looking for a couple pairs of speaker stands that are roughly 10" x10" for some larger bookshelf speakers. Most stands I see are 6x6, 8.5x8.5, etc. Can anyone guide me on this?

It depends on how high you want the stands. There are two pairs from VTI but the height may be too low.
Sound Anchor will custom build stands for your speakers at a very fair price.


Check out his amp stands too. I have been using his products for many years and have always been pleased by the quality and cost to performance ratio they provide.
I use the Sistrum Mini Monitor Platform System made by, yep you guessed it; Sistrum. They will have a picture of this stand on their website, I believe, in a week or two. It's only 20 inches high, but can be adjusted to fit ANY size monitor. Three very movable cones at the bottom. This is quite an incredible stand. I did a review on it, last year. Probably in the archives. It's a bit pricey, but I love mine. When I got rid of my Revel stands and put my M20s on top of these, I thought I had purchased a new set of speakers. Check them out, they are the real deal. peace, warren
Another option for custom made stands. Bruce at Polycrystal is a very nice guy. Good luck.

if the link fails for some reason, check out partsexpress.com and search for high mass speaker stands. They work very well with my Nautilus 805's and the top plate is nearly as large as you specify.
Thank you for the suggestions, everyone...Sound Anchor wound up building me the perfect stand for a reasonable price. I appreciate all the input!