Speaker stands height for Harbeth Compact 7es3

What is the right speaker stands height for Harbeth
Compact 7es3. Skylan makes SKY-4P20, 20" high but it seams
to be to high. I was thinking to order in 18" height. My
listening distance is 9' and it would bring tweeter to ears
level. I would really appreciate opinions. Thanks.
The tweeter should be at your ear level, this varies because not everyone uses the same chair, couch, recliner etc while listening. Look around you may find that some speaker stands are adjustable. It is also possible to adjust the stands yourself by using spikes or other devices which could change the height of the speakers. Not to difficult really.
I am using the 20" SKY-4P20 with my 7es3s and think they are just right. I have not experimented with other heights though. Perhaps your listening chair is quite a bit lower than mine. They are nice quality stands too.
If the 18" stands get the tweeters to ear level then they should work fine. I think Sound Anchor makes three 17, 19, & 20" that fit the 7s.
Any opinions, Skylan vs Sound Anchor?
Sound Anchor. Bob makes some incredible stands.
Yes, for quite a bit more money...
the 20" skylans are not too high, unless you're short or lay down while you listen, even then they'd be fine. If you go lower the soundstage seems to drop in height. I'm 6', my chair is a normal 18" seat, and the skylans work great with my 7's.
As for comparing them to the sound of metal or wood, you can read plenty of posts on the merits or demerits of each.
Thanks, I've been advised to go with 19" Sound Anchors. I'm using 24" temporary stands, that sound pretty good, but I have not compared them.I'm 5'7", and the sofa is low.
Those should be good, although expensive to me. 24" is too high, no matter what your height. Alan Shaw would probably disagree, but it seems at that height it starts robbing from the bass area. You'll be very happy to hear them at 19". Have fun!
Thanks for your response.
You're welcome, good Dr. Now will come the age old question of what to fill them with, or not at all....
My Sound Anchor stands came prefilled, sealed, and weigh a ton. Not sure what they use.
My dealer demo'd the Harbeths with the Epos ST-12 stands and I think they work very well. They are 20" high. If you absolutely need to go lower, the 18" Lovan Jazz are excellent for the money - about $140. I've used both these stands with Harbeth speakers with very good results. The Lovans have a 3-point base, which I'm a big fan of, as they sit flat on the floor without having to adjust spikes when trying to find the optimum speaker position.