Speaker stands for wharfedale evo 2-8? :

hi there! i'm new on here and this is my first thread :)

got a pair of Wharfedale Evo2-8's and i'm looking for some speaker stands within a 100$ budget.

I live on the top floor in an apartment with my parents (I'm a college student) and due to the design of the apartment, there's a view from the top floor onto the first floor, and thus the wall stops at about 3 foot off the floor. There's a ceiling, and a wall on one side, but I'm basically going to be placing my speakers in mid-air (with the stands). One of them will be facing a wall, but not a corner.

The floor is carpeted. there isn't that much space either (it's not a room, just an open area that I'm going to be using as my "music hub".)

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! i'd rather not have to assemble anything other than really basic inserting.

thank you in advance :)