Speaker Stands For the Sonus Faber Concertinos

The Sonus stands themselves are too pricey for my budget. I am looking for an alternative. If you own these speakers and have found stands that work and look great with them, PLEASE ADVISE. Price range must stay between $200 and 300. Thank you.
Hi Fullrun. I owned Concertinos for almost two years and enjoyed them greatly sitting on top of a pair of Lovan Imperial 2900 stands.

The Imperial 2900s are 29" tall with a single slim, rectangular post that I filled with steel shot. They have a small top plate for small mini monitors and gold capped adjustable spiked footing. These stands were featured in Vienna Acoustics ads in the past and are very elegant looking. I bought mine through Audio Advisor for less than the $280 retail price.

My Concertinos are gone, but the Lovans remain. Now with ProAcs sitting on them.

Good luck.
I wouldn't go cheap on the stands. Most speaker manufacturers don't know shit about speaker stands. They may be expensive for the right reasons, but I just don't know. They might have some other place make them. They are incredibly important to your speakers. They are truly an extension of the speaker. I can't stress the importance of doing the stands correctly. Now, I don't know how much their stands cost, and I am not a fan of Lovan stuff, or any speaker stands that Audio Advisor sells, but you should seriously consider some high quality stands. You did choose the Concertinos. Those stands (the ones you plan on buying) sound like their going to be a very weak link in your system. Good speaker stands, like great speakers, are expensive for a reason. You can get KILLER stands for about $600. Your speakers will sing.
Just curious Wirschfield, which companies manufacture "killer" stands?
Unfortunately, the Concertinos require a taller stand than 24", otherwise I would STRONGLY recommend that you pickup a pair of the Osiris stands being closed out here on the AudiogoN. They are massive, yet elegant. These are truly well-engineered stands.

If your listening seat is fairly low, they still might work. I believe the SF factory stands are 28", no? Maybe some others here can make a recommendation as to whether or not 24" will be sufficient.

Good luck,

Agree that the Osiris stands are very high quality and impressive. I get 25 1/2" out of my nominal 24" pair. When I bought them from Goldman Audio last November, he also had the taller (27"?) model available, too. So if more height is needed, it might be worth asking dealers who are advertising if they have also have the taller ones. The hefty brass cone-spikes are not the best for piercing carpet. This drawback (if you have carpet) could be overcome by how massive these heavy stands become when filled.
I was definitely thinking about the Osiris...but I also definitely need to get the full 28" for the Concertinos... also given my seating level at my work desk. I do get it Whirshfield about the importance of the stand... but I just can't make a $450 purchase on the SFs... I lucked out and got a great buy on the Concertinos. I got to keep the budget within the 200 to 300 framework. There's no creative challenge here if the answer is simply to buy the "best."
I gotta' tell you fullrun...I've been, as you, looking for the absolute best deal on a pair of stands that are true "reference quality" and there are so few good ones out there that it's frustrating. Virtually every "budget" stand out there is VERY poor quality and even many of those that are purported to be "reference quality" are just plain crap. (pardon my French)

The speakers that I just bought are only $550 (used), so it's really tough to justify even $200-300 for a pair of stands...Yet I do know (as do you) that quality stands are critical in obtaining the best sound. I can see why many people wind up purchasing floorstanders.

I have decided, however, that I'm decidedly fond of monitors, so investing now in a good quality stand that will work equally well as I move further up the food chain in speakers is more palatable. If I look at it from the perspective that I'll be keeping them for the long haul, it seems less "out of proportion".

Anyhow, I would strongly recommend checking with all of the dealers who are selling the 24" Osiris stands to see if they have any of the 28" available or perhaps know someone who does.

Otherwise, I would suggest that you make do for the time being and keep an eye peeled for a used pair of SF stands. They do come up here on the 'goN more frequently than you might think.

Good luck,

Thank you all again. It definitely is an option to wait it out until a used pair of SF show up. Even the top end hi-fi stores in NYC have either "nada" or poor quality. The reason - the demand for monitors vs. floorstanding doesn't warrant it. Another option is to low ball it for right now; buy the SFs when they show up and resell the orginal stands. One thing seems clear in today's market... you are not going to get a good reference stand for under $300. For the Osiris fans, I am looking around for the 27"/28" -- But, so far no luck. Thanks again for your input.
Go on line to Audiopoints.com. Ask to speak to Robert. You are going to love him. They are developing a speaker stand that is right up your alley. It might seem expensive, but I don't think there is a pair of stands for over a thousand dollars that are going to be better than these. I am going to buy a pair for my future Revel M 20s. That is going to be a Fall purchase for me, and I am going to buy the speaker stands I just mentioned. After you talk to him you may too!
Happy listening,
Whirshfield, I will definitely check it out. And, it's appreciated. But, say, for conversation sake, you spend 700 on speakers. It's insane, IMHO, to spend another 5 or 6 on stands... when it could have gone into a better speaker. NO!!!??? More expensive, doesn't necessarily mean better... even in the audio world. Anyway, thanks.
You might try the Sanus Systems Ultimate Foundations. You can get them for around $300 even from the manufacturer at www.sanus.com and you may be able to find a retailer who will discount them. I wouldn't bother with the less expensive Sanus Stands.
Fullrun, this is true,what you say, but if the $700 is actually buying something worth a lot more because you are buying it used, then I can see a good rationalization for spending the money on the stands.(even new) If that is not the case your statement is right on. Good listening always..
Thank you all... the conversation must have opened up the possbility for the perfect stands to come along....the one and only Sonus Faber Fixed Height Stands themselves....and it was exactly at a price that I could afford. The universe must have been listening. May wonderful sounds surrond you all.
The Audio Gods have shone their blessings upon thee. Have fun!
Congratulations! They're a perfect match for the Concertinos and are beautiful to look at to boot!

Best wishes,