Speaker stands for PSB Mini s

I'm looking for some nice quality, metal stands for PSB's Mini loudspeakers. The speaker base measures 8.75" wide and
13.25" depth. Can anyone offer advice or what they might recommend for this speaker. The stands PSB markets for this speaker is of very poor quality/looks being of MFB.

I've looked at the Lovan line of stands, but the top platform is much smaller than the size of these speakers.

thanks much for your help.
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Have you checked with www.audioadvisor.com ? Good Hunting. Craig
In aphabetical order, Sound Organisation and Studio Tech. I had the Sound Organisation and they were easy to fill with sand and only cost $100 from dealer. AudioAdvisor has the Studio Tech which I just got for my Mission 733i's for $85. They're good looking and don't have a sound. Lovan, for more money are quite good, also.
I recently upgraded my speaker stands and after the fact discovered that there is a general belief/following as to heavy massive stands working better with "solid" floors and light (but rigid) stands working better with less solid floors (such as wood). Other than the plate size you may want to take this in consideration as well. I have plaster/cement floors (with very little give) and went from the second type to the first (massive) type of stand which increased the bass as well as clearing up the other frequencies a bit. I had just expected more bass but am greatful for the additional clarity that was achieved. The top plates of the Target HR70's that i have come approx. 3/4" from the edges of my speakers, which is fine as if they were up to the edge they might cause some type of defraction from the bottom mounted tweeter on my speakers. Also if you value function over form you can have bolt together stands (depending on the metal used) mig welded into one piece stands by a muffler shop or your auto mechanic (suppose that you could paint over the welds if you wished). Ordinarily you pay hundreds of dollars more for one piece stands, plus the shipping is higher. I am having this done to a bolt together equipment rack that I just purchased and figure that I saved $250-$350.
Thanks to everyone for the input. I appreciate it.