Speaker Stands for Dunlavy SC-1A/V

Contrary to what appears to be popular opinion here, I just purchased two pairs of Dunlavy SC-1A/V speakers from Audio Video Logic. Hopefully, they will arrive in good order. Can anybody suggest good, moderately priced speaker stands to use with the SC-1A/Vs? I need them for front and rear, so if you have any suggestions on height, I would also be interested to hear those. Thanks in advance.
Mapleshade makes, what I believe to be, the finest stand
on the market. Reasonably priced as well.
Contact Pierre at Mapleshades he has some great recommendations in regards to speaker stand height. I just ordered a set of Mapleshade Rooted Buttress Stands for my setup (16" height). I can't wait to try them out. www.mapleshaderecords.com.
Sound Anchor's are very good stands at reasonable prices, and you can customize them to your speaker for height and and platform size. The people there were a pleasure to deal with, too. Try Audiopoints between the speaker and the stand and also to replace the spikes between the stand and the floor (they make them a threaded version). This raises the price a bit, but worth every penny, especially with speakers as good as Dunlavy (RIP).