Speaker stands brand?


Anybody recognizes the brand of speaker stands? They are for Harbeth C7 speakers?
They look more like stands from SoundFoundation. 
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I don't recognize them but they do look attractive.   However, I prefer stands I can fill with sand or lead shot although these stands do look very good.   That is pretty important if you have to please the one who must be pleased. 
They look a bit homemade but a good job at that. You’ve probably already looked at Sound Anchors; if you haven’t, you should.


Yep Sound Anchors cannot be beat but esp for Harbeth you may also see Skylan stands.
Thanks for all replies.
Yes, I've seen Sound Anchors and Skylan stands are most popular for Harbeth speakers. 
The one I showed seems to be made for C7. Size-wise, it fits perfect. 18" height ,and with spikes it can be 19". 
It won't be as heavy as sand filled stands, but it's good to hear that it looks good.