Speaker Stands

I recently purchased a set of BWN802's. Do stands really make any difference in quality of listening experience? If so, what type of stand should I get?
Just call Bob at Sound Anchors. They are amazing to deal with and their work is great. They will build to spec (exact dimension) of the speaker which is very important.
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I use tangent reference stands and very happy with them.
mintor speakers without proper stand or wall mount will sound lifeless. The better stands gives better bass extension as well as focus and imaging.
Sound Anchors is the way to go. They are made to order and come prefilled with a vibration dampening material (Not sand or shot). Keep them at ear level ~ 24". You will need to experiment with placement depending on your room. It takes about 2 weeks to get them delivered and they are very heavy. Go for the four post model.

If you really have N802's why would you want a stand? They are already fairly tall. I have used the factory spike kit which raises them up a bit and improves the imaging a bit. Currently, I am not using the spikes.