Speaker Stands?

Ok so Im moving my speakers from my house and their nice comfy spots on old speakerstands to my apartment at school. I dont get to take the speaker stands because they are my dads and he is going to put his speakers back on them(he bought me JM Lab speakers for christmas). So what should I put my speakers on? The floor is wood and floating with carpet over it. And the room size is about 10X14 but not all of it is useable space. The speakers are JM Lab 906. What should I put the speakers on? Get stands with spikes or should i put them on hockey pucks or what?
I should think that you would want them on some type of speaker stand so that they would be at ear level when you are sitting in a chair. You could pick up some inexpensive stands used on Audiogon or purchase new/used at a store in your location. (stands with spikes).
Yeah thats what I was thinking but wasent sure if I want my speakers coupled to a crapy floor. I know on some floors you want to make it so the spakers are not as grounded to the floor.

Any recomendations on cheap speakerstands that can hold a good 25lbs? I was thinking about 24inch stands.
Speakers, particulary very good ones, deserve the best quality stands you can handle. This can come with a steep price, but is very well worth it. Your stands are a fundemental extension of your speaker, and should be directly coupled to your floor. Many speaker companies, (Revel for one) to enhance the $$ attraction of their speakers, go real cheap on the stands. My M20s went to a new sonic place after sitting atop my Sitrum Platform system. I've since sold my M20s, but my stands remain. You certainly don't have to spend this much, but if you're inclined?--you won't go wrong with these babies. I did a review way back on these stands. fasten your seatbelt, there is more to come on speaker stand suggestions. peace, warren
Audioadvisor might have some decent stands on sale.
I have often used wooden stools like you can buy at target. And yes I put hockey pucks under the speakers. They work great and if and when you save up and buy real speaker stands, you've got a couple extra places to sit (yourself, your friends, your drink of choice, etc.).

These have a larger top plate than many stands. They were formerly priced under $100, but still a great value for a high-mass stand. They should be ideal for your JM Labs.
Hockey pucks? wooden stools? I'm trying to restrain myself...do your homework, Accorddude...there's a hellava lot more to a stand then what meets the eye...What I have heard, here, will only have deleterious effects on your sound...